Marco Rubio Is Spearheading a Gun Control Policy 2A Advocates Warned About



Slippery slope. And the wording of “ Establishing a felony criminal offense for knowingly making a false statement relating to an Extreme Risk Protection Order regarding a material matter.” worries me, too! Specifically “knowingly”. That could make this quite fluid. And that’s a big problem. Couldn’t one easily talk their way out of that one?


Unsurpringly this pissed me the fuck off. Proof both parties love trampling the constitution.


I, and several others on this forum, have stated that a Republican Senate is no protection to the 2nd amendment.


So, the DOJ will have to investigate every red flag claim made? They don’t investigate them, now. What exactly is going to make them, after you pass this blatant violation of due process? And what stops me from claiming every member of Congress threatened to commit an act of gun violence? Oh, wait, that’s right, the FBI won’t investigate any politician. It must be nice to write laws that only other people are effected by. F*ck it. I’m running for office. If Hillary, Obama, Cortez, and Trump can do it, I should have zero problems winning.


Sorry my brother, but I don’t think you’ll have a chance. I haven’t even met you, but I can already tell that you are nowhere near corrupt enough to be a politician…


But…But…I can change! Do I need a scandal? What if I pee on a hooker in an airport bathroom? What if I pee on @TacticalUnicorn1776 in the parking lot of a mosque? Any press is good press, right? :rofl:


Hope and Change brother…Hope and Change…


Rubio is another thin skinned traitor.