Mass Violence Prevention Act Looks To REDEFINE Assault Weapons (Like They Did For Bump Stocks)


Mass Violence Prevention Act Looks To REDEFINE Assault Weapons (Like They Did For Bump Stocks)

Read the Bill HERE:

Congressman Brian Mast (D-FL)


Holy shit dude. This is BAD news here, if I’m understanding this language that includes ALL semi-automatics yes?


@Mister_Torgue yes…its very dangerous!!!


There’s no way this passes right? I mean there’s like what, tens of millions of semi autos out there?

I know I’m not giving anything up that I own.


This actually makes zero sense. It’s not banning anything except the transfer and receipt of a gas-operated rifle for a very short period of time. Why do that? There’s more to this than what’s in this bill. I’d be very interested to learn what it is. I smell treachery.


And it was introduced 9 months ago. I’d guess it’s dead in the water. Let’s hope so, anyway.


Coming back next week


say good bye to every semi-auto rifle from the lowly mossberg or cooey 22, to the barrett .50


I agree. Look at the timing…60 day moratorium on sales/transfers and 30 days to redefine assault weapons. In my opinion, they are trying to prevent panic buying during this legislative process. They probably plan to create a new list of “bad” guns, then they will try to pass a separate bill which bans them…all before the 60 day moratorium expires.

Am I off base here or does that sound plausible???


They did the same thing in Washington State… now, anything that is semi auto and takes a magazine is considered an “assault weapon” and you have to jump through even more hoops.
The storm is coming…


And we see the Democraps are in the House.
Lets just hope the Senate has some balls to stand up to them.


are Muslims included ?


It was introduced by a Republican from Florida. I really don’t think there are two parties, anymore. So, there is no guarantee the Senate will stop anything. And, they didn’t even write a law to ban bump stocks. They just snapped their fingers, said, “Those are illegal, now,” and that was that. Who’s to say they don’t just do the same thing here? And that was Republicans that did that. I don’t care for bump stocks, but that’s not how our system works. They’re getting a little too big for their britches.


Now is the time to look at your brothers and find out if they are in this. Or if it just another hobby.


Bump Stock Ban is not a law as of yet nor the MVPA.
HR3999 Bump Stock Ban and HR5286 Mass Violence Prevention Act is still in committee but I am sure will surface soon.
I being from Utah elected Mike Lee as my Senator and he is absolutely Pro Gun and Pro 2nd as they come.
And he fights very well.
I have made my opinions very known to him as well.
You all should do as well.

Those of you in New York need to jump on Peter King and let him know he is a POS for co-sponsoring such a pile of steaming You Know.


This doesn’t appear to be banning things like the bump stocks were banned.

The title doesn’t make any sense.


Not my guns. They can have as many bullets as they can hold… One at a time.


Either way, that is how the tide is turning. Only way to stop it is to call, write, and vote to let the people in “power” understand where you stand.