Master series Mega2 rifle rest from Ransom rest international.


I like how your videos are short and to the point. They’re not these drawn-out, 20-minute long diatribes of someone who likes to hear the sound of their voice. They show exactly what needs to be shown to viewers with short attention spans like me, and yet still maintain entertaining and educational value.


Thanks. I try to keep my videos below 5 minutes. Sometimes that’s not possible. But no one wants to watch me fiddle with the mount for 5 minutes to squeeze out onr or two rounds. I even pulled out the intro of my new videos, it was only like 10 seconds, but Full30 puts their ads at the beginning, and that’s 15 seconds, now add about the same amount of time and your half a minute before you get to the meat of the video.

In that test I did four rounds, but only included three, what’s the point of showing the forth round? It’s all the same.