Match at East Alabama Gun Club

This club puts together a very fun match. Stages were taken from the LoCap Nationals so they were not long stages but they were very fast. Complexity was minimal but it was there. I came in 7th overall out of 20. In the middle where i want to be. I made a lot of mistakes today so I’m very surprised I placed that high. I’ll probably shoot at this club again next month.


You are comfortably in the top half.


Upcoming Action Pistol match… One target, one round, end of stage. I think it’ll go pretty fast. Never saw this before. It’s obvious what’s being tested. It doesn’t get simpler than that.


Wow, 10 second penalties means taking an extra second is a good idea :grimacing:


The only problem with that solution is it’ll be noncompetitive. Unfortunately the distance isn’t shown. But I’d be willing to bet it’s not very far. But even if it is, it’s not a big deal for me since I shoot PCC, but some pistol shooters might have a problem. But it’s like that at all matches everywhere, some are better than others. I’m not all that good at action pistol. But this stage I shouldn’t have any problem with since it doesn’t require movement.


My kind of match. :grampa:


MAC82, have you even been to the Talladega gun club? I was invited to take part in the PCC/CO nationals that will be held there in the fall. But I declined. I have just enough stamina for a 5-6 stage local match and no more. I can’t remember how many stages the PCC/CO nationals are, 12-15(?). They’d be wheeling me out before I finished it.

But from what I’ve seen of the facility it’s really nice! It’s nice to have the shooters to support something like that. Anyway, just wonderin’ if you’d ever been there.


Not too far away, need to look into this. I tried competing in a NRA military rifle thing around Pcola once. Was using a FN-15 Military Collector M16. I thought that because I got expert on my weapons quals in the Army I’d be great, and I got ready by zeroing and preparing with the zeroing and paper qual targets I used in the Army. Not once did I google what it would be like, nor did I talk to anybody that had experience. Totally embarrassed myself lol. Well, this is my first post on this site, hope to see this site grow.


Hello @potatoMan would you mind going to introductions and telling us a little about yourself. Introductions - Full30


Head on over to the introductions @potatoMan and tell us more about yourself. If your interested in USPSA and are close to me i will gladly help you get addicted… i mean started in pistol comps


just tell it like it is, I didn’t even shoot my first visit, ran home, signed up geared up and went full blown junkie every week after pretty much until we moved