Mauser rounds pop out from the magazine, left side

I have a Czech K98 dot with a 1943 receiver stamp but with the Czech lion. So I figure it was assembled into complete rifle in 1945 or later.

When loading (from a clip) and feeding, it will often pop the round out from the magazine on the left side – never the right – such that the extractor cannot take hold of it. The result is that the round is chambered but the bolt, being behind the round instead of around it, is too far back and cannot close, and I have to extract the round with a cleaning rod.

The same problem happens, but perhaps more frequently, when loading rounds by hand (no clip).

I don’t see any damage to the magazine – the rails looks fine and the walls aren’t bent. The follower moves just fine, The extractor looks fine to my untrained eye. The rifle appears to be in terrific shape and seems all original.

Annoyingly, my gunsmith could not recreate the problem. But all you have to do is feed a clip rapidly 2-3 times and it will happen. I have not been able to recreate the problem in slo-mo as it were.

Possibly related, very often when feeding from a clip the rounds will ‘fall forward’ as it were, and the clip will not sit up straight as it’s being emptied. The result is that one or two rounds will sit too far forward, and get caught under the rim of the receiver so that they cannot be chambered at all. I thought perhaps I had my thumb too far forward, and tried bringing it further back, but the problem persisted more or less. These are new brass clips.

My theory is that the magazine spring is worn out. Can anyone suggest what else might be causing it?


I’m sure that we have a member who is knowledgeable with the K98. Unfortunately, that’s not me. Maybe @Mosinvirus could be of assistance?


I would look at the magazine spring for sure.

Also, the receiver should not overhang the magazine box anywhere.


I replaced the spring and that fixed it more or less. Thank you!