May Santa bring you goodies


lol, love the peace on earth included, want peace, prepare for war :+1:


Santa is a lie, killin a tree is not what Jesus would call for.
But he has no issue with firearms.

The ole man listened to her even after the war, and I did too


Well, only ever cut one tree thays when I was a 12 yr
Old boy. And I planted 12 in its place . Only real tree ever used in my house was a live one and it resides in the yard and is getting quite large now after about 8 yrs. Have had a artificial one on any other year we ever set one up. Never set one up last year never sat one up this year . Dont care if I ever set that fale tree up ever again.
I dont buy gifts, I dont give out Christmas cards and I dont have turkey or Ham with all the trimmings , I have for the last 10 yrs. Or more simply ask for a homemade lasagna with garlic bread for Christmas . I eat it one time a year. And I dont eat pasta of any type more than once or twice in an entire year I quit eating potatoes, and other than the holidays avoid sweets with a few exceptions throughout the year. What can I say , I just buy a gun or ammo or reloading item for myself through the year. I have pretty much lost any interest in Christmas as a holiday it isnt what it was supposed to be anyway. Jesus was most likely born in April or Nissan (first Jewish calendar month) anyway and Christmas was a state institution made by Constantine to satisfy both Christians and Pagans placing it close to the winter solstice and in between the new year. . Why did I say all this I dont know . Have fun, peace, buy a gun , shoot some rounds , take a walk in the outdoors go fishing , go hiking, camping, biking, hunting .


Under the tree above, definitely a nice gift from Santa!

Santa long ago has forgotten me so that leaves my wife who won’t buy me anything to do with firearms. That stuff is up to me to buy during the year. I’d need to buy it anyway since she has no knowledge of things that I “need”. I already know what’s coming since I ordered my gift from her after I suggested it. I have other gas powered chainsaws, but what I don’t have is the body to wield one for hours at a time anymore. There was a time 50ish years ago when I made a living with one. I ordered a 16" Makita 36v battery (2 18v batteries) powered saw since I’m already in the Makita system. I figure if it lasts 1 hour that’s enough for me for one day of cutting and splitting. And I can charge it from the sun when biteme and the rest of the evil left makes gasoline too expensive for us common folk to buy any. No gas mix, no fumes, no ear pro’, it’s going to be different for sure.


Christmas is for the children. I used to be Santa for the visits to the preschools and kindergarteners. To watch the joy in their eyes was priceless. I do miss doing that.
Trouble is I’ve seen the holidays bring out the worst in people too unfortunately and the holiday season revisits some real PTSD shit at times.

I put on my game face every year now and make sure the kids have a wonderful time.