Maybe I have a problem



Are they loaded? If not, then that’s your only problem. Well, that and the fact that you can’t carry them all at once!


Most of them are and this was a while a lot of them have been cached


I wouldn’t say you have a problem yet.


as a responsible forum member,i feel it is my duty to help you. I will take 1/2 of those off your hands. Can only do so much you understand.


@gunarchy so nice of you to help him out with his problem LOL what next mr. Gentleman? Are you going to try to help president Trump out and give him more time to concentrate on being president by taking his wife off his hands for a few days??


I don’t share well boys ahahhahahaha


Wouldn’t leaving them loaded all the time compress and damage the spring?


Ah grass hopper is smart and has extra springs in caches as well




Modern springs and materials will outlive you or I even if loaded. The problems will arise with the individual rounds before the magazines. As long as your not beating your magazines up (dropping them/dropping things on them) they’ll last forever,



Excessive use (compress-,decompress) will weaken springs, not loaded compressed only.


What is considered modern? I only ask because of some of my mil surp / aging pistols I leave unloaded for this reason. For example is it ok to leave my Bulgarian Makarov mag made in 1995 loaded? Is it a bad idea to leave my Star BM’s mag made in 1979 loaded?

Now you see my quandary.


I tend to lean on any type of PMAG, glock/sig/hk/etc, or milspec mags as modern. While you would probably be fine to leave a Mak mag loaded, i may avoid it due to them being a little less common than the average bear.


Cool, thanks. I’ll go unload them now. Haha.


Yeah, if they’re all loaded, do the sensible thing and unload them - at the range.


@LonewolfMcQuade Hey anything that helps man lol


There have been countless studies concerning spring retention. Load 'em up ladies and gentlemen. Better to have your mags loaded versus unloaded. Every mag I have are always loaded. Springs are meant to be compressed.


Ive seen plenty that the spring was not bothered or it was. Id like to see a test that showed an affected spring after it had set with no tension on it for a period of time and see if it returned and how quickly.