Med kit/ double AR mag pouch

Anybody ran one of these on their kit? I think they look interesting, I am obsessed with running compact gear whenever possible though.


Interesting, lots of med kit options now. I’ve got a company sending me one of their new kits, can’t wait to check it out. I also have a few other kits I’ve been sent, like from Scorpion survival. One is a bunch of bleed stop packets. The other is an active shooter kit with much of what would be needed for a GSW to at least provide aid until first responders arrive. I carry that in my range bag. On my plate carrier I vac sealed some small things, like gauze and band aids. I carry that in a small pouch on the vest. My hope is I never need any of it and it gets thrown away years from now.


I’ve looked at them, but so far have kept to a discrete IFAK pouch as it is better suited to my needs.

The design of the SOE insert looks similar to that from Varusteleka; but you may want to check Tactical Tailor’s take on the design, too, which implements the internal securing bands with a mix of sizes and orientations.


Call me a “fan boy”, but I’m still a lover of the Blue Force Gear Micro IFAK.


I just looked those up, they are pretty nest. Do you usually mount it to a chest rig or belt?


I guess that depends on WHEN you decide to wear it. Most applications I’ve seen are for “duty” so they attach it to the rear their belt. They want access to the IFAK on a daily basis. A duty belt is worn daily, where the chest rig is only for active situations. On duty we don’t always get to choose when those active situations are.

On many chest rigs, there’s usually a spot for a “admin“ attachment in the center of your chest. I’ve never seen a use for 99% of the admin type pouches that were available. I’m also not a big proponent of putting a pistol holster in the center of my chest. I could imagine a Micro IFAK would seat nicely, and low profile, in the high center of your chest rig.

A high-center mounted Micro IFAK would be easily accessible with either hand, and readily identifiable by others as an IFAK.


Great idea with the vacuum seal. We got one for Christmas only used it twice and had not thought of using it for shtf/camping type stuff yet.
Now I’m on a mission…


Not exactly sure who made my kit, but I attached it to my duty bag. Tag on the inside says Orca. Just a free kit I got when I attended some free “stop the bleed” training. Nothing fancy, just your basic gunshot kit: gauze, tape, CAT-T tourniquet, gloves, and a sharpie.

Still, free stuff is free stuff!