Media manipulation

I found it interesting (I discussed this with the wife last night) that after doing confiscation wrong, from their perspective, now they’re looking at registration. No doubt for future confiscations. It’s a good thing that 2/3rds of the usable guns for the resistance are still to be found somewhere in NZ.

But by all means trust the government that wants to turn you into sheep headed to slaughter. That’s totally abhorrent to me, maybe because I know history. No thanks for me. But now we’ll see just how many stupid Kiwis there are after their go’vermin already tipped their hand to show what they’re about.


@mjrfd99 I thought the mosin cleaning thread said you can pee in your Mosin to clean it, a place to pee and protection on the middle of the night lol


Palmetto Prostate… Palmetto state armory should sell that stuff lol