Member Approved Channels update


Hello FULL30 Friends and Family!

For a short while we are modifying our member approved channels,

The open to all is still in the works, codes are being finalized, so we need to make that cut off in preparation for that and that is now,

We still are thrilled to add new channels until those codes are perfected but new ones will not be monetized until after the unveiling.

So, the good news, we can still help our friends get channels through the forum, bad news… there is no bad news, FULL30 is still growing and will be the “go to” platform for firearms content!

Until then go watch some FULL30!


Did @LibertyDoll get her channel approved? She would be a great addition because she’s still on YT so she can do mentions to get her followers here.


Not yet, I’m sure its not an issue getting it done though, and hopefully she’ll mention us in any account, if not just the need for counseling.


I let Nick know about her right away. But he hasn’t got back to me yet. I assume it’s busy with Thanksgiving and deer hunting.


I was actually just wondering about this! I had figured I’d get an email and was afraid I’d missed it somehow.

And of course, I will mention Full30 all over the place. I was even planning to make a little graphic to post on Twitter and FB with the news. :slight_smile:


Woo hoo.


It all sounds good with the growth and getting more channels to diversify interests the same community. I think we need to appreciate @Robert herculean job of organizing all this stuff…no? OK, may be :clap: