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Just added @gordoboom to the list.


I just got the following codes

202 Accepted

201 Created

100 Continue

So now I am uploading to my new channel and I moved from

204 No content


206 Partial Content

Ok… I am do geaking out now.

Thanks for everyone’s help getting the channel up and running!


Were happy for you!


Woohoo! Congrats!




Congratulations, TheRogueBanshee.

Looking forward to viewing your videos.


Thanks @JohnB! Uploading now!


You remind me of Kramer.


Done that myself before

Once after a party in Coral Gables, lol, woke up early, still hammered, (still dressed) walked from the hotel to the Shops at Merrick Park, ritzy stuff, people jogging, out and about, health spa, juice bar etc etc, got a juice, went back to the hotel

looked in the mirror


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


That’s only part of the funny part, the night before was big and lively, I still felt that way, but no one was giving me a second look, more like frightening looks, didn’t get it till back at the hotel

What did I learn? mirror first, then stroll through the outdoor mall :worried::weary::flushed:


I walked out to check the mail in my boxers by accident, neighbor laughed at me …not my brightest moment.


let’s look forward to Outbreak Channel approval :grinning:

Hello from Swm41

I’m enjoying watching this list get longer…


There are rumors the list will become irrelevant soon :shushing_face:


What do you mean? Is full30 hitting the self destruct button?


No, rumor they are hitting the full steam ahead button!


How is that any different than now?


I would think that to mean a grand reopening allowing all content providers to become active & start uploading if the rumor turns out to be true…


You gossip queen