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But, in any way, i wonder if is possible to migrate videos still uploaded onYoutube or will a new upload be necessary? Thank to whom will help me to hunderstand




You gotta re-upload them. There isn’t a migration tool.


You really wouldn’t want to migrate them. The quality would suck. Full30 has better quality.


[Suppressed Nation] (http://www

Thank you to everyone who has helped get our channel approved. Got a lot of upload to do now. Please stop by and check us out. we are uploading our earliest content now and over the next few days the newer stuff will hit with full sound metering results with a B&K 2209


Actually, this is the link to your channel. I’ll get it added to the list, and also just subscribed. If you haven’t already, check the first post in this thread for all the other member channels.


Thank you


Any chance my channel will get added? I just did a charity event last Saturday for the Ten-82 foundation (A local charity in Albuquerque who takes up the slack for LE, FD, EMT, Military folks who need a helping hand). They let me display my product and it went over very well. We had Carl Marino as a celebrity guest (He plays Joe Kenda on Homicide Hunter), and Carl may very well be my celebrity spokesman when I’m ready for that. Anyway, I’m hoping it will get a warm reception here, too, as it is very difficult to get a company like mine going, especially in this adversarial political climate. Hoping you all can help get the word out.


@full30nick is the man to cozy up to for that. You do get points for forum participation, or so I hear. Good luck.


What @EQuinn said… Plus when you get your channel, share some love to the Forum by pointing people back here.


My video channel as been up since may I think. Its the same as my forum name. gunarchy.


You have a link? I don’t see a channel by that name on Full30


Maybe i said that wrong. I have a profile on the side i watch videos from seperate from forum. Can you get to it thru a comment on one of your videos?



OK, now i understand, I’m slow you know. That’s your profile on the video side, not your channel. This thread is to list channels.


Ahhh seems im slower then lol.


It’s OK, I’ll just push from behind.


Better ask my wife first lol


Was reading this on a conference call (that I don’t need to be on) and started laughing. Then realized I was not on mute. :flushed:


Sure, drag it in to the gutter. That’s my job