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Ahhh i know you just left that out there so i wouldnt feel so slow lol


I just added the hobby gunsmith channel to the list of approved member channels. Be sure to check out and subscribe to his channel, as well as all other listed channels.

If you’re a member here and have an approved Full30 channel, please let me know and I’ll get you added ASAP.


Hi Folks. I am the creator and only provider of content at RebelFreedom!

Currently I have other vidoes awaiting compilation and submission and the fun of making them is always a work in progress!

Our Channel was created initially to promote and educate about the firearms of Rock Island Armory since so much misinformation has been put out there for many years. Since I began that endeavor, I have since met with Martin Tuason who is the CEO of Armcor which has Offices/Ranges located several locations in the Philippines, Nevada and one other location. I met with Martin in Marikina, Philippines and toured his factory and I was impressed enough to take this on by myself.

I am new at making, editing compiling videos. My first was done by someone with experience. Mine will be done, they will just take me a little time to finish due to me being “green”.

I also have the fortune to know and have meet with local manufacturers of an Ak47 at Riley Defense in Charlotte, N.C. which is also a video I am trying to put together.

I am also a close personal friend of BigDaddyHoffman1911 and his son and we often go to gun shows together and enjoy our friendship. He will be also assisting with my channel when time permits.

I appreciate any and all feedback, insight, tips, tricks and hope our contribution is worthwhile.

Thanks for the email tactical_reviews and please subscribe and share. We will have more content soon!

Charles aka Rebel Freedom!


Welcome to the site. You’re channel is now listed on the top post here.


Awesome, thanks gentlemen!


I expect many many RIA videos from you!!!


Congrats on the channel!

I have been doing videos and editing for just under a year now. It takes some time to get the hang of it.

I watched my first video (was released on January 1st 2018) and just laughed at how different my videos look now and that is just 10 months later.

It is going to be fun to see how you progress with your videos.


I cant stand my earlier ones, “ok”, “mmmk”, “ok”, etc.

I had to edit and repost a few. In one I cut out over 50 “ok”. It was difficult to talk to the camera. I was both asking “ok?” And answering “ok”… horrible.

A lot of those I am not bringing over. They can die on YouTube.


Your content more than makes up for any camara anxiety shown.


Thumbs up for self critique/correction :+1:


Oh, plenty of comments said nothing but Ok… Lol
All I could reply with was “I know, sorry. I will work on that”.

And worked on that I have.


Oh man, I am glad you didnt see them…


Couldn’t have said it better myself.


Please welcome Clearwater forge to our every growing list of member channels.


Clearwater Forge is @stimpsonjcat 's channel

who is currently our only Double Barrel Group member



I hope to see some more channels grow from that great forum!


I have been super busy at work, but we are about to release a short Review of the Rock Ultra 10mm Single Stack. It will be released soon!


Sweet. Look forward to it.


Just added to the master list. Please let me know of your Full30 channel isn’t listed. Also please add yourself to the producers group.

If you’re a content creator on Full30, join


Military arms channel has been added to the members list. Be sure to visit and subscribe to all the member channels listed in the top post.

Be sure to welcom @MAC in his introduction post. Hello all, MAC checking in


Please welcome Liberty dolls new channel and subscribe.

Channel list updated.