Member Approved Channels


Your read it right, the FULL30 channel list is growing,
and active forum members get moved to the front of the line.

It is slow, tedious and pricey

_With our current channels our video processing and bandwidth costs are approximately $10,000/month. This cost is actually VERY low for hosting video due to our years of optimization and custom built video solution, but If we were to open the doors to all creators over night the entire company could be crippled by a six figure bill in the first month.

Our primary goal right now is to complete our system rebuild which will allow us to invite everyone to our platform without destroying the company in bandwidth cost.

Before you say bandwidth does not cost much -----

You are comparing serving tiny image and text files to a few thousand, or maybe even hundreds of thousands of users, to 5GB+ video files to millions, and processing each and every file into 10+ file types and resolutions.

And what we need is participation from members in the forum and across the web,

Recent additions in order:

Also notable are channels that were up first, then joined the forum


Sorry, there is no public opening date as of now

Just learned there is a forum here
Hello from Northern California
Here from Commiefornia
New member live42a
Hello from Hampton, Va
*pew pew* from the far north!
Hello from Louisa,VA
Hello from Metro Detroit
98Z from
Hello from Star, Idaho
Hello from another CA freedom fighter
Howdy from Texas!
Hello from Wisconsin
Hi everyone! NFA Review Channel here!
Nice to meet you all!
Hello from TX
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Greetings from Jim Rawles at SurvivalBlog
Hello from Cole-TAC
Greetings and Salutations from OR & Hungary
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Another new guy from that other place
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Howdy Yall
Currahee from
Howdy All, Glad to be Here!
Student of the Gun
Plan2Survive Community
Plan2Survive Community
Glad to be here.
Howdy from San Diego
New guy from AZ
Glad to have found Full30
Hello from Austin
New kid from Arizona
Good afternoon
Escaped captivity
Hello and thanks for adding United Armament Corp (UAC)
Rob Ski from AKOU and Shadow 2!
Joe from 13C checking in, plus heads up on Geissele SSP trigger GAW
John with 8541 Tactical
Mountain Tiger from the west
New member channel added, Crazy Ivan!
New guy saying hi!
It's me, stimp.
New here.
Newbie here
Old Hand At YT, New At Full30
Another Twitter refuge lol
New Guy
Glad to be here
Hello From Tunisia
Hello, people
Newbie here and happy to be the part of this community
Hi from TEXAS!
Greetings from Michigan
ZMBPistoleer says HI!
New to forum
Not so New Old Geezer
Shout out from behind enemy lines
Greetings from Brazil
Greetings from Central Indiana!
Guten Tag from Germany
Will that be 45 or 9mm?
Newby from N.E. Indiana
Hi, New member here
Hello From old Europe
*obligatory introduction*
NorCal here
New member from Idaho
So, I’m William, umm... hi
Hey All Just wanted to say Hi from Florida
First Time here saying howdy
Thank you for hosting this forum
If you have a Full30 channel, read this post
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List of Threads to Share Pictures On
Castle Tactical saying hello
The Magician has appeared!
Hi,thanks for having me
Hello enthusiasts
New to this forum
Greetings FULL30 From The Tactical Leprechaun!
Content providers - your video appearance in links
Thanks for adding Sanborn Gun Shop
Ikickhippies intro
My Reintroduction
Hello from Full32
Quick Intro
Joining down the street from youtube which isn't playing nice
Hello- New Member
Greetings and salutations
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Hello from Gun Stock Reviews
Top Referrers Competition
Create a new post or piggyback another, but SAY HELLO!
Introduction . hello
Hello From Ghost Tactical
Hello from the midwest USA
Hello from South Africa
New Here, and Wanted to Say Howdy from TX
Wassup Players
New to the forums - From Massachusetts
New in Tennessee
Howdy From Texas
Hello from Oklahoma City
New from California
New member Todd Stewart
Hello from Reno, NV
Hello from new member Rob Morse
Hello from Indiana
New member info for Ron
Hello Again From Oklahoma
Greeting from Canada
Hello from dreaded Massachusetts
Hello from Ontario Canada.
Hello from Oklahoma
Central Illinois here
M*CARBO is Officially here on FULL30!
Century VSKA - Testing has started
M*CARBO is Officially here on FULL30!
Howdy from USA
Hello from FL
Hello Magwa from
Hello from SoCal
Royal Nonesuch Channel problems.
My Introduction
Howdy from Oregon's dry side
Hello from TN

What a good start to the day. Congratulations to all the forum members that have their channels now!


Hard work pays off.


Woohoo! After getting banned from YouTube, I can finally upload Locked Back videos to Full30!

Now I just need to keep my content creation schedule more consistent…

I’d love it if y’all subscribed to my channel!




You’re my new favorite person!

Until the next person subscribes at least…



Wait, that makes me #2 to ThisOldGun


Dang it!

Closed. Go to another thread

ThisOldGhost is my number two. You don’t want to be number three. Unless you want to be number one, then I’ll be number two and ThisOldGhost can be number three. Who’s on first though?


I believe I was your first.


Please add TheRogueBanshee. Of course I have a vested interest in that one :slight_smile:



eww, that one hasn’t made it on the



At least it wasn’t

Bad request 400


Forbidden 403

and finally

Not found 404

Can’t blame me for trying. However, did I at least get points for disclosing my conflict of interest?:sweat:


Just went through and made sure I was subscribed to all channels. This is a great idea for a thread. We all need to do our best to cross link the two platforms.




You rock.


I subscribed. You got good content…for your age. (Kidding) now get your ass in gear start making more videos and entertain me dammit!


I’m hoping for a range trip sometime next week so I can record some more educational stuff. Some videos can be recorded at home - some are just better at the range.


His name is Scappy and he welcomes your love, adoration and quality firearms.


Swag is on the agenda!


@ARNWRKR is lieing @Robert, his dog just wants to hump your dog!