Member opinions needed


A while back we asked @full30nick to eliminate the limit on using the like button per day… but then while looking through the badge area recently, I noticed there are a few badges that would be near difficult or impossible for many to achieve with no limits being set… for instance, the out of love badge which is using 50 likes up in one day. Then there is the higher love badge which is using up your daily allotment of 50 likes five separate times. In the last badge that I see affected is the Crazy In Love badge which is using up your 50 daily likes 20 separate times… would like to know everyone’s opinion if you like things the way they are now or would you like them changed back to where those badges could be earned for your collection.


Funny you should mention that. These are just badges, which are fun and all. I just got this one, which would probably have taken longer without the lift on the limitation.

So I could go either way. But I generally don’t like restrictions, so…


I personally am not as interested in earning badges as I am in being able to like all the things I really like. Kind of a tongue twister there but…


Lol i still dont have any of those like badges for over 50 regardless.


@LonewolfMcQuade, I’d like to see it stay the way it is currently. It was a real drag in the old days running out of :heart: all the time.


If there was I buy them because apparently I have none now!



Heres the deal

We ffffffff up when we gave infinite hearts

there’s a balance ratio set here for things to work

for instance, to get the following badges:

Gives back

This is a good badge, it encourages hitting the “like” button, which in turn fosters community.

Bronze : “Thank You”

  • Min 6 liked posts, ratio 50%

Silver :

  • Min 100 liked posts, ratio 100%

Gold : “Lover”

  • Min 500 posts, ratio 200% (eg: you got to like 2 posts for every like you get)

Platinum :

  • Min 2000 liked posts, Ratio 100000%



  • Ran out of likes once


  • Ran out of likes 5 times


  • Ran out of likes in 20 times

So many of you would have earned many more badges by now.

So, get your :umbrella:

I rained on the infinite hearts

upside to this, I hadn’t yet changed hearts to beers

current heart settings

TL1 per day 50
TL2 per day 75
TL3 per day 100
TL4 per day 150


Infinite hearts…pfftt…whats wrong with you? Thats some real hippy sh**.


We’ll give this a week or so, I hope people report earning some badges,

crying about it will earn a YES video, owner of a broken heart, lets not have that, please


Sadly I can’t visit this site from work so I’d have to do nothing but like posts all evening.

That would cut too much into my porn and drinking time.


So where do I find my heart quota?


I’d like your comment but I’m out LOL




I :heart_eyes: classic rock


You’re TL3, so you get 100 per day.


BTW I got the justice for all email earlier and pulled in up on a separate PC :+1:


What do you mean by you’ve got the justice for all email?


Got it, :heart: you’ll have to deal with the artificial heart because I’m out of real ones…


You should be limited, you have gave out like 9 thousand hearts. Dont be so easy. :laughing: