Memories passed down


of all the things my father has given me or left me when he passed away this is by far the most important to me and my favorite. I remember as a young child watching him hone it on an old stone what seemed then for hours. How bout you, any special keepsakes?


Good topic. My dad is still here but on his third heart attack so I’m cherishing this time we have.

As for weapons he gave me a beautiful folding pocket knife that predates me. And I have my grandfather’s (my dad’s dad) Old Timer pocket knife that’s old-ish.

I’ll try to get pictures up soon.


My father is alive and well finalizing his second retirement. He lives to get things to pass to me, I feel being retired Army made him feel like he never gave us what he wanted because he never made much. That said the most precious thing is time. I really don’t care about property. For years prior to my grandfather’s passing whom I was named after I visited him regularly taking my family to spend time with him. For brief moments he would teach me things from leather work to tying flies. I got pretty good before he couldn’t teach me more and I will be forever grateful until I meet him again on the other side for what he taught me. I was told I could take anything when he passed and I let everyone else take what they wanted first. Upon his then empty leatherworking bench I found a US Steel pen he received when he retired. I keep that to remember him but was also sent his old ‘blue bible’ and pilot manuals because ‘they had my name on them’. I guess that’s what he told my family that anything with his name which I was given was to be given to me. I’m sure not all was given to me and I hope whoever has it is happy. Again, I got what I wanted and that was time. I look forwards to seeing him again.