Might be going back to school


Well, I’ve had firearms as part of my life for nearly 50 years, shooting, fixing, building, safety. I’ve decided to looking in to getting my Associate of Science in Firearms Technology Degree. If this goes through, looking at grants and funding options. I will be going full time. Being retired has it’s advantages. Looking at the course, 90% of it I’ve already done, so should be a breeze. I don’t need it, but to add that degree would be nice.


Very admirable quest.


If you go through with this and graduate, do we then have to call you Dr. Guns? Or Professor Guns?


I was thinking Dr. Guns PHd


That works!


I think Dr. Guns is most appropriate. To be called professor, you must have hair like this. :grin:


Thats actually pretty cool. :+1:


Well, I do have the beard. Does that count?


Actually, that beard is very professor-like. :+1:


I see TR as more of a mad scientist, ecspecially with all those frankenstein AR15s.


Good luck
I made this choice a few years ago and attended Pennsylvania gunsmith school (pgs)
One if he best schools in the country
Few words of advice
Make sure you take a machining class as well all of them if there available
You have provide your own work pieces in most cases
As well as your own tools for the most part
You already have a good base about firearms but that could be detriment to your learning
Listen pay attention and question if your not sure
You will spend a significant time learning to measure
But you will get to do so many things
Stock bedding and glassing
Make your own stocks
Refinish and checkering wood
Lots of fun to be had if you take it seriously
I wish I could have finished I missed the last 4 months due to financial responsibilities
But the wealth of knowledge I gained was priceless
Just my.o2
Did you pick a school yet ?


Ya, going to SDI.EDU


A online course
Or in class courses ?




If you have questions and if I can help call on me at anytime you need
If I can help I will


Good for you @Tactical_Reviews

I am thinking of doing the same in the future. SDI.
I just had a student from SDI (supposedly) comment on one of my videos on EwwTube. Now you…

Someone out there is trying to tell me to get off my rear and do it.


You obviously haven’t seen tactical review’s wig yet have you? :joy:


You just need a license
Your work is impeccable
No formal training either


Which wig, I have several.


I only recall you posing in a picture with one