Mike the Cop Channel


I have been a subscriber to Full30 for several months now, and I have been impressed by the overall quality and quantity of most of the channels. For the most part, even the channels that I’m not impressed by still have firearms as their subject matter. The one exception to this is the Mike the Cop channel.

Mike the Cop has very few firearms related videos on his channel. The vast majority of his videos are about subjects not even remotely related to firearms, with titles such as, “Taze His A$$ - when a judge throws off the robe to throw down”; “Do You Have What it Takes - so you wanna be a cop?”; “Dream Job? - when cops get bored”; etc… Out of the 25 videos on this channel only five have anything remotely to do with firearms. So why is this channel on Full30 if it doesn’t cover firearms or firearms relevant subject matter?


Awww that’s too bad. I didn’t get to see what you said! :frowning:


Sometimes its fun, like musical chairs, definitely a unique part of this forum.

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