Militaria and History


Ok folks we need to see some items you collect as well.

So I say I collect some odd things here are a few for your consumption today.

How about a Nose Wheel Steering adjustment template for the F-4 Phantom II?


This was placed on the Nose Strut in predetermined position and the steering adjusted to meet the groove at the bottom with the steering links.

And how about this for an F-4 as well.

These were on every F-4 manufactured by Mcdonnell Douglas just behind and to the left of the rear cockpit. What makes this especially unique is that it is BLANK.

The F-4 Phantom II was a Mechanics Aircraft.
If you could work on this plane successfully YOU WERE A MECHANIC.

Ol Spooky the F-4 Phantom Logo.



I have two from F-16s.
One is from a jet whose base doesn’t exist.
You figure that one out…
They are export controlled items so if you get your hands on another they cannot leave the U.S.
Pilots will barter all kinds of swag to get a hold of one.


Here is something for you.


Authentic Stopwatch used in a U.S. Airforce Thunderbird Aerial Demonstration Team F-16
These watches were chosen not because of the acuracy they posses but for the consistancy between the different watches. Provided by KMart of all places.
Timing is everything!


ok so ou said no gun realted so I will not post it but I have a Remington model 11 that as I understand it was carried in Vietnam. STamped military finish and a few other military stamps on it I cant remember, Its in a case in the gun safe.


Firearms related posts are ok.
But should have some sort of history attached to them, or some interesting background.
Feel free to post firearms with historical significance.


Here is something most folks have actually never seen but have heard of.
A Real Mae West.

Inflatable Life Vest 1943
It`s all original.
And Inflates.
Contract N-383155s-53185, Specification MIL-L-15581A(SHIPS)
There is a blow up valve in the front on the chest,You twist the mouth piece to open and close it.
It has a rip cord that you pull to inflate it.There is a wire to the left of it that locks the device much
like a pin on a grenade.
I bet it still works.


Ever wonder how all those films of bombing missions were made showing the bombs hitting in WW2?

Here’s how:

Camera, Aircraft, (Bomb Spotting-35mm)
Army Air Corps 1942
These Cameras are what you might call the worlds first Hand Held Video-Cam
They were used either mounted or handheld.
Footage of Bomb runs, Post Bomb runs, and Combat footage were filmed with these.
The majority of Newsreel films from the bombers was made with cameras as this.
100% complete with Telephoto lens and Film.



Very cool pieces of history!

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Thank You.
I am a History nut so to speak.
I despise revisionist history and almost got thrown out of my college history class for calling my professor on it numerous times.
I almost broke the camels back when we discussed the Versailles Treaty and the reasons behind the NASDAP party rise to power.
In the end of the what turned into an argument we agreed to disagree.
The remainder of the class was simply speechless the entire session.
I think I left some of them at least; with some things to consider.
That was the early 80’s when people used their minds and not Google and Youtube.

Lets see some of your historical items.
Even if it is a firearm and it’s origin / Birthdate (so to speak) and place. That is history as well.
I find it absolutely enjoyable to research everything I can about my firearms as well as items.
Perhaps I am the swan in the ducklings?


Well I am determined to keep this thread alive so here is another installment.

As I mentioned I collect sometime rather odd stuff.
This is what is known as a Trimrule.
It was used to adjust the trim on the engines of the F-101B Voodoo. (Retired in 1981)
The Pratt & Whitney Whitney J57-P-55 produce 16900 lbs of thrust each.
Rather archaic by today’s standards but in 1961 it was the leading edge of technology.
It is two sided for Left and Right engines.
For you younger types, there was a day in ancient history when we didn’t have computers and self adjusting technology.
But we did have slide-rules and pencils and paper.
Tech has come a long way for sure.




Have a few things



Very nice pieces of history Sir!


Very nice!


Nice Daggers!!
Herr, Luftwaffe, and SS.
Jugend Arm Band as well.
Great Stuff,


Something you don’t see much of.
Chinese Daggers
This item is actually real (Despite its crude construction) and has an interesting history.
The blade was polished to remove the decades of corrosion accumulated on it and is still under the crossgaurd by someone prior to my acquiring it.

Presented by Chiang Chung-cheng to members of the Huangpu Military Academy (now known as Whampoa Military Academy) between 1924 and 1927 when Chiang Chung-cheng was the commandant of the academy.

Chiang Chung-cheng served as Chairman of the National Military Council of the Nationalist Government of the Republic of China from 1928 to 1948. He was sometimes referred to simply as “the Generalissimo”. When Sun Yat-sen died in 1925, Chiang took control of the Kuomintang (KMT). To end the Warlord era and unify China, Chiang led nationalist troops in the Northern Expedition. He became the overall leader of the ROC in 1928. Chiang led China in the Second Sino-Japanese War, during which the Nationalist Government’s power severely weakened, but his prominence grew. During the civil war after the Japanese surrender in 1945, he attempted to eradicate the Chinese Communists but ultimately failed, forcing his KMT government to retreat to Taiwan, where he continued the struggle against the communist regime. Serving as the President of the Republic of China and Director-General of the KMT, Chiang died in 1975.

Inscriptions on the sheath, blade, and handle read as follows:
Translated by a former associates Grandmother who immigrated from China in the early 20’s.

Sheath = Given by Chiang Chung-cheng

Handle = Huangpu Military Academy (Side 1)

Fraternity, Dexterity, Sincerity (Side 2)

Blade = Military Soldier Soul

Blade = You will become the best

It is of crude construction and has a brass covered wooden sheath and handle.
Blade and sheath also contain the symbol of the Republic of China.
Now exiled to Taiwan.
Manufacturing was a cottage industry in the times and these were made by poor peoples attempting to make a very crude living. The markings are hand etched on the blade.
There are examples of these type bayonets in China and Taiwan Museums today.
Very few survived due to the mostly at hand materials used were of poor quality.

Now you may say “I never heard of Chiang Chung-cheng” and you would be right.
He is better known to western societies as Chiang Kai-shek.


Thompson SMG drum and original 30 carbine mags in wrappers. got a few of them.


Can you tell who or when they were made?
I guess the next question is…
Ya got the Thompson?

Kewl items!


Oh yeah.


Next item up.
This is a very rare item because of what it is for and who it represents.

The STASI was one of the most hated and active covert agencies of the cold war.
It not only was Big Brother in East Germany, but exported its mayhem to other countries around the world.
It is even given credit for infiltrating the United States and placing agents in the Anti Vietnam War movements to incite and guide the activists in their anti war activities.
Essentially the STASI was known as the KGB of Eastern Germany and Puppet of the KGB.
If the USSR didn’t want to be connected to an activity it would send in the STASI.
After the wall fell and Germany was re-united the STASI’s agents were hunted down and retribution handed out by the German Peoples but also other countries as well.
Since the East German government only existed from 1949 to 1990 (41 years) and the STASI from 1950 to 1990 (48 years); somebody serving in the STASI was for 25 years was rare.
And you did not Enlist or Join the STASI you were recruited.
So after the fall STASI agents destroyed any connection to the STASI they could and went into hiding.

So here is the item.
The only known example in the United States.
I just wish I had the decoration paperwork to go with it.

NVA honor gift for 25 Years Faithful Service for Officers in the Stasi (Ministry for State Security)

Honor gift of the Minister for National Defense of the GDR for 25 years of service in the National People’s Army (NVA) of the GDR.
Golden miniature of a Honor Dagger and a branch of laurel with 5 synthetic white stones. Length of the dagger approx.: 18cm, size of ribbon on case 22cm x 16 cm with inscription:
“25 Years Faithful Service”
Army (NVA) of the GDR with inscription:
"For the Protection of Worker and Farmer Power "



Well how bad ass is that, very cool, and fortunate :grin: