Military Handguns - Which Would You Prefer?



being a more than 8 rounds old school (BHP) I am leaning towards the M9


I’ve never shot a Sig, but I regret selling my 92FS. It was easy to field strip and clean, never jammed or malfunctioned, and very accurate.


The beretta with some threads is on my 2019 list of needs


I had to turn in many units 1911s for those 9mm crap. Tho I own a Sig 45, which is the best handgun Ive ever shot. They dont use the P220, only the cops, so I have to stay with the 1911.


Beretta 92FS is one of my all time favorite pistols. I have more than one now… the ones I carry all have been converted to the G model.
Sure they have some down falls, but I can shoot them. Great to suppress too.
While I love Sig… and own quite a few of them, I do not like the 320
I only own one 1911…


Give me that M17. M9 is a big clunky boat anchor that hates it’s own locking block. I absolutely love my P320.


M9A3 with the G-kit. If we have more options than my answer would be different.


If only between those two? The M9. The 1911 gets my vote if we opened up the options.


Glocks are clunky,
M9s are huge and clumsy.
I vote for the 1911.
If the troops had been taught how to properly use them, they’d never been replaced.


Perhaps if the designers had smaller hands or did not seem to add much more ammo capacity, it may have been a more universal application. Same guys were doing pretty well with Brigadier/Helwan as more easily used. I will not disparage Beretta, they have made elegant firearms in all areas of use. My opinion is for the 1911 basic design that has over a 100 years of a success rate that I have difficulty ignoring. They also are especially able for varying personal modifications. Just a thought.


I would take that 92S over the new Sig.


Now I can agree with that.