Military Vehicle parts... where to find them? 🤔


Personally I think one of the best ways to ensure your ability to travel is to own a surplus military vehicle. While not always the most popular, they run… older ones will run even if an EMP goes off.
I personally own a M998 troop transport. My HUMVEE is my pickup truck. And, even though it is 18°F out this morning, it will start.
With that being said, finding parts or knowing where to find parts can be hard.

These places may help you out!
I know I search quite a bit for what should be easy to find parts… but are nearly impossible to find. :+1::us:


I’m just waiting for the UN to bring a tank to my front door. :wink:




Me Bro has an M1009 and has hella time finding parts.


The places I listed are pretty good at parts and for the most part… hahhaha… are reliable companies.