militia and the 2nd

Not being 100% up on both the Constitution of the USofA or various States but what I read and see are States that do not follow their own Constitutional Mandate Case in point eligible age. Most States imply 17 as the initial, yet they limit ownership to 18.19 and or 21.
So as a State resident how can you legally follow your State constitution when there is conflicting legalities within said States.


Short answer: You can’t.

Longer answer maybe something along the lines of: It depends upon which laws are seen as “more valid” by the lawmakers and law enforcers of the individual state.

There are tons of laws still on the books that conflict with other “more modern” laws.

Kind of like asking how “Shall not be infringed” can be interpreted as “We will only allow you to possess whatever we feel like you can have with our permission”…


Nailed it. Yet lawmakers take an oath to “be Constitutional”. They lie. I think (hope) a reckoning is coming. Ignorance of what they swear to is no excuse.