Mill Tooling?

What favorite brands do folks have for HSS milling tools (drill bits, end mills, and the like) that are generally consistent, good enough quality, and maybe even American made?

The DIY gunsmithing that I do/will do does not demand the highest production rate nor longest lasting tooling.


Stuff from McMaster Carr has been consistent and produced great results for me.
Don’t remember brands.


That’s part of my confusion. If I go to McMaster Carr or MSC, I see lots and lots of tools that seem very similar, from their descriptions, but vary a great deal in price.

At my stage of development, I need simple! :slight_smile:


Here are the cutters I got from Mcmaster Carr.

Keyseat Cutters

Straight-Tooth Keyseat End Mill
High-Speed Steel, 5/8" Diameter Mill x 3/16" Thick

The one below is what I used to cut rails in the frame on my mini mill.

High-Speed Steel Staggered-Tooth Keyseat End Mill
for Number 304 Woodruff ANSI Key, 3/32" Thick

Square end mills

Uncoated Carbide Square End Mill
2 Flute, 3/8" Mill Diameter, 2-1/2" Overall Length

Uncoated High-Speed Steel Square End Mill
4 Flute, 1/4" Mill Diameter, 3/8" Shank Diameter, 5/8" Long Cut

Cobalt Steel Ball End Mill with Two Milling Ends
4 Flute, 5/32" Mill Diameter, 3-1/8" Overall Length


Thanks! I assume you’d buy them again, if needed?


I was running harbor freight router bits when I still had the harbor freight mini mill, they worked

and any other bits I could find about, craigslist was a good place to score as they sure are pricey

hope to get another mill at some point :neutral_face:

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I too have been pondering the mill purchase for the home shop
It gets tiring cranking the matrix jig
I haven’t done the 10mm socket yet I guess I’m old school and hand crank that bitch


I ordered this one just the other day, PM-727M w/DRO:


To each their own,

I not only used the socket but cranked those blades, got that part over real quick

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Your thread on the first build is awesome
I love my matrix tools
I’m lucky to have them



The tools are very nice, I still have a lot of unused tools and hope to get a lot more done,

just a few other priority’s to handle, you’ve done a great job yourself :wink:


Thanks boss

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Yes, I would buy those again when needed.