Milling Machines

I really appreciate it and i have looked at those accu-rite systems before.

What you are recommending is my dream. A full size knee mill (we have a bunch of very affordable used Bridgeports, Maxmills, etc on craigslist) with a conversion to CNC (even if air is used instead of liquid) but that price is hard to stomach at the get go.

Perhaps i will do mini CNC and full size manual. Then if/when my “hobby” turns into a full time thing and it can pay for the accu-rite i will sell the mini


That sounds like a good plan Brother!

I know it’s reall expensive. I obviously don’t have an acurite on mine. I would like a unist at some point.


Bridgeport EZ Trac DX. I’ve got a few years experience on these mills. Two axis CNC controls,( 3 axis are available), conversational programing, (easy), so you don’t need to know g-code. They have built in programs that you just fill in the blanks. Of course, you can use them manually, also. Quite a few used ones are on e-bay. They have bijour auto lube and won’t run if the pump is empty so the chrome ways are usually in good shape, even on older mills. Get one. It’ll make you happy.
Another thing about ball screws is the ability to climb mill , nicer finish and easier on tooling.


Will take a look. Thank you.