Million rounds

Dillon 650XL bought in 1995 +/- Crank broke. Has an honest 1,000,000+ rounds loaded. Right in the middle of a run noticed high primers, then bullets not seating all the way. Pushed harder, didn’t help. If I had a chunk of aluminum laying around I would mill one, probably take longer to find a piece then just get Dillon to send a part.


Uh ,Man that sucks.
Have to break out the old rock chucker ir some such single stage press. Think I would have Dillon send another one.


Heck of a testimony. I know Brian is very happy with his, I see one in our future at some point, I hope anyways…


So personal question :thinking:
Did you by chance happen to have rotator cuff surgery.
Cause my dern arm would fall off :joy: :yep:


Actually in PT right now for the left shoulder, but crank the press with the right.
Got a couple Rockchuckers, going to have to finish up the run with those unless Dillon gets the new crank out next couple days. Already got the warranty request in. Loading up a mess of 44s for the Elmer Keith Shoot.


250gr. SWC or 235gr.


A fair copy of the Keith 421429 bulk produced for? by? Xtreme, picked up several thousand a while back. Don’t have time to cast and the quality is good. Right around 240 gr. Shoots clean no leading over everything from Tightgroup to H110, special to magnum velocities. Had a big stash of the 250 Keiths from Dry Creek but Lynn’s out of the biz and my supplies are dwindling.


So originally a 245 gr
Mold and throw 240 gr.

I have similar result from my mold too.
I have a 45 cal. 300 mold .
Throws 295 . Think its alloy .
I use hardball
Which is similar to Lyman #2
Guess the only way for me to make it throw true 300 is mix my own and go with more lead and less tin but worry it would be to soft and lead up.
My big revolver is rolling 1850-1900 (460S&W) so I really dont want to make a softer bullet.


Knocked out 100 rounds of 44 mag, prepped another 100, sure miss the progressive. Got a blister from squeezing the hand primer 200 times. Got the electric charge thrower into the game, worked pretty good.


I loved mine till it broke …just outside warranty , so back to electronic scale couldnt justify buying another one and it crapping out on me they are expensive.


When I need 100 rounds I just do ⅓ or ½ at a time .


I only get mine out on special occasions, It’s the Hornady, super sensitive. cant have anything else running (Fans, tumblers, etc) when in use. I have an old Pacific measure that I use for rifle mostly. I think that and a trickler is faster then the electric anyway.



Update: Dillon said they would have a new crank in my hands by Wednesday. When I called and pressed the right button, was on hold for less then a minute. I aught to box it up send it in one of these days, let them go through the whole thing.

True story: My dad opened up a box the other day, moving/ cleaning out/ getting rid of stuff. In the box supposedly was a 550 that had been backed over, the guy sent it in, got it back, never opened it, just gave it to my dad. Turned out there was a brand new press in the box, the guy never even opened it up and looked.




(In bold) Exactly what I would have done for precisely the reason in the 2nd paragraph.