Milsurp Pic Thread


Since there isn’t a specific Milsurp or Bolt thread I think this belongs here.

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Swedish M96 Carl Gustafs Stads Gevarsfaktori 6.5 X 55 1910
Japanese Arisaka Kokura Arsenal Series 21 Type 99 7.7 X 58 1942
Yugo M48 Preduzece 44 (Zastava) factory 7.92 X 57 1952 to 1956
British #5 Mark 1 Jungle Carbine Ishapore Refurb 303 Brit 1944-1947
CESKOSLOVENSKA ZBROJOVKA,A.S.,BRNO Romanian Contract Rifle 7.92 X 57 (1 of 5000) 1940

So what you got to show us Surpers?


As issued 1952 Russian SKS

Unissued 1943 Tula Mosin Nagant 91/30 Sniper

(From my post in the official Mosin thread:

A few years ago I picked up an interesting Mosin.
It’s a Tula that’s stamped with the Cyrillic CH designating it as a sniper, but without any scope mount holes drilled, stock modifications, turned down bolt, or scope number stamped on the side.
The trigger is the best I’ve ever felt on a Mosin.
From what I can determine, this rifle was inspected and selected as a sniper, but the war ended, and it was dipped in cosmoline and crated until it fell into my hands.)


Some very nice examples here!! That sks :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thank you sir!
It shoots even better than it looks :sunglasses:


Nice finishes :+1:


Man, I would kill for that rifle–not literally mind you. Or any unissued Mosin really. It’s like a dream of mine to find an unissued Mosin out in the wild. Does it have any scope serial #'s on the left side of the receiver? Or is it completely a virgin?

That stock’s finish is amazing too BTW.

As for my Mosins, I really need to find a good spot to take some quality pictures of because what I have are pretty crappy cell phone pics. :frowning:

To also add, I recently took the former sniper out to the range and was able to get a spotter this time and I think I’ve got where to hold to hit about a 6" group or so @ 100yds. She really likes the Silver Bear or Brown Bear 203 SP cartridges too.


Thanks brother!
There is no scope number…it never got that far into the process before the war ended I assume.
The finish is pretty amazing for a Mosin, it’s all original and evidently someone who wasn’t completely blasted on vodka must have applied it because it looks excellent.
Been a long time since I shot it, so I’ll have to get it back out and put it on paper again.

If I ever decide to sell it, I’ll give you first shot at it lol! :grin:


Thank you for the clarification :wink:


I love Milsurp rifles :slight_smile:

Here are a few of mine…






Cool as hell!!


@CliffD what a Great collection! Thanks for sharing.


Swedish Kg m/37 BAR. The Swedes used the BAR from 1921 unto the mid 80s.

Mine was made in 1927 and is all original and is mounted in the Swedish dog sled used to transport the gun in winter. The Finns also used these guns during the Winter war with Russia having been gifted by Sweden though mine is not Finnish marked.


Thats some awesomeness!!


Just a few from the collection. I’ve added more since then. I went with only WWII Mil Surps.


@ThisOldGun, I has jealousy.


Czech ZB26 made in 1931


Addition to the group.

This P-38 was purchased by my Father from his friend in the 50’s.
The Vet Friend stated he killed the man he took it from.
Been in our family ever since.

1942 P-38 AC42 Walther Manufacture - All matching.
with 2 Matching serial mags and original holster.



Wow, matching mags. Nice.


The humble yet growing milsurp collection, with some low quality phone pics.

1891 Argentine - All matching, no import marks, wonderful shape for its age (between 1894-1896 from what I gather, and a great shooter!
1940 Turkish - All mismatched, import marked, butt ugly, and needs some love with the sights, but functions well, and I still like it.
1910 Swedish M96 - By far my favorite, all matching, beautiful condition, import marked, shoots wonderfully.
1953 Chinese T53 - All matching except the butt plate, import marked, and a surprisingly nice grain to the stock which I lightly refinished with Tru-oil. Shoots very very well also!

Making my re-appearance here with these to A: let everyone know I’m still around, and B: show off my favorites in my current collection.

Once I get my reloading press set up I’ll get to work on hand loading some range ammo for these which I am very much looking forward to, and seeing what these old battlewagons are capable of!


Descriptions posted in order of the pictures not in the group pic. For reference, on the table from top to bottom: