Minor annoyance; Make video site and forum a single login


It would help streamline things if there was a single sign in for both the Video site and forum. I was a bit confused when I wasn’t able to sign into the forum with my main site profile.



I didn’t realize they were separate until I tried to reply to a different post.


Agreed. Having a separate password for the forum when using the same user name for the site makes no sense.


I’m with you on this one.


I just joined Full30 and this really threw me. I joined the forum first, and then went to try to log add a video subscription. I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t log in. I did a password reset and it said my password was the same, but it wasn’t working on the video site. The login really needs to be single sign-on. But it if can’t be made that way, it should at least be made more clear that it they are different logins.


This is a common issue among new content hosting sites. Hopefully they will merge the two some point soon. Simplest solution would be to archive the entire existing forum and open a new forum connected to the account database of the main site, but some might complain of lost posts.