Missouri just made my list!


Takeout Portland and Oregon is basically Idaho.



I’d like to live in Oregon, but because of Portland they are starting to do stupid shit like California or worse. They’re trying anyway. I’ll just pass.



Smart move. The democrats have way too much momentum.

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Arkysaw…just sayin.



^ This.

Same with King County in Washington.

No. Just no.

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I’m from Newark NJ.
Trust me… cancer spreads unchecked.
Why NJ is burnt toast.



Muh feelers is hurted.:cry:



The department of conservation has ranges scattered around the state that are free but they are in manned.

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Don’t let it bother you . He is wanting to go out west for a true broke back mountain experience!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Don’t be jealous. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Jealous? I prefer someone that fights a little!



You know as much as I hated living in the Great State of Texas because of weather, lack of scenery and other issues, and despite the fact that I wasn’t born in the State of Texas, I am and always will be a Texan.
That said, I have been in Indiana almost 3-1/2 years now. First further north, then down where I am at now. It has never occured to me until about five minutes ago that NOT ONCE since I’ve been here have I seen the Indiana state flag.
I came across a flag when reading about the Sons of the American Revolution and it said “Indiana” on it. I had to show the picture to my boyfriend for him to verify to me that it is the Indiana state flag. Upon reflection, he said that he too has not seen the Indiana flag since he moved back to Indiana almost 8 years ago.

Texas may have its issues, but I tell ya, there’s no shortage of flag poles down there. You see the United States flag and right along side it, is the Texas flag (because Texas is the only state that can fly their flag at the same height as the US flag. :heart_eyes:)
No matter what it is, Texans are going to put their state flag on it (Including thier football team)
I don’t think that kind of state pride can be found anywhere else.
Anyway, thought I’d share.

Oh, and if anyone down there happens to be coming up this way, can you please bring me a chopped beef sandwhich? They don’t know what that is up here. I miss beef. :disappointed:



Chopped beef and sweet tea. No one knows how to do sweet tea (or chicken fried steak) better than Texas. The food here is what I’ll miss the most honestly. It is pretty damn good down here.



Don’t forget the Tex-Mex food. Pretty darn tasty, too!



So, not sure about Idaho, but anyone thinking of leaving Texas and coming here should do several things.

  1. Bring sausage with you. Nothing here but Ekrich sausage. I’m not kidding. Yuck!!!

  2. Bring beef with you. If you find a BBQ place here expect only pork. Pulled pork.

  3. Expect your sides at any restaurant you go to to be applesauce and cottage cheese. Yes, it’s like I moved to a convalescent state. Even at the BBQ places that’s what your sides will be. No mac and cheese and potatoes and beans. Also sweet tea is not a thing here.

  4. Expect to see about 4 months of corn or soy bean fields and the rest of the time the field look like someone mowed them with a dull razor. They leave the stalks about a foot tall standing the rest of the year. Oh, and the corn stays up till its brown and crunchy before they harvest (seed corn, not good eating people corn)

  5. Expect to get new tires on your car regularly. The roads here suck and the road crews are clueless as to what they are doing when they caugh caugh “repair” them.

  6. The only fish I’ve seen here is Walleye and cod. So eat up some good ole fried catfish before you leave Texas. If you find fried catfish here, it won’t be good.

  7. Bring your jar of bacon grease, salt, pepper and other seasonings with you. Leave them in your car. You will need to bring them into every restaurant you dine in here as the food has NO flavor and taste like something out of a can. And don’t bother asking what the “vegetable of the day” is at any restaurant. It will be green beans (from a can)



I get that here in Oregon and I dont get deep fried in the heat.






I’m telling you all southern Missouri has every thing Texas has except the liberal politics . We raise more beef ,have catfish and crappie , the town I’m in most has at least six Mexican restaurant s and they all came from Texas because it is cheaper to live here.



I’m happy for you all in MO, I really am. It just isn’t for me or for some of the others. Personally ID offers not just geological and climate advantages over MO it offers us being closer to our family in CA and a quicker flight to Anchorage to visit my brother and his family. I’m all for anyone else relocating there if it is friendly with the 2A, it just won’t be us. :cowboy_hat_face:



When you get to Idaho, maybe you should open a Texas BBQ joint. On your own property with your own beef.

:meat_on_bone: :cow2: :cow2: