Mistakes I made when the Surplus fever came about


Gosh, I pulled a big boner when the Surplus Firearms were all the rage fifteen years ago. My biggest blunder was selling my Century Arms AK-47. Paid $319 dollars for it. That AK ran like a gem. I also got into the surplus rifles. I had several Mosin’s, a few Swiss rifles, etc. The list goes on, so I won’t bother you any further. I guess we live and learn. Anyone else done foolish buying and selling nice RELICS?


Maybe foolish buying but I never really sell
I bought a k98 Mauser for too much but I had to have it even though I don’t ussualy buy out of calibers that I stock


I should have bought as many K31’s as I could back then. PSL’s while not really surplus in my mind like old bolt guns, also have skyrocketed in value since then and haven’t returned to earth yet. Russian SKS’s too ugh! Passed on one for $150 at auction once and knew I’d regret it some day. Haha basically every surplus gun has gone to incredible value increases, as I should have known they would. I was thrilled a few years back when I picked up a M96 Mauser for $350. Made in 1910, perfect condition, shoots like a dream, and all matching #. Solid find!


Most regretted gun I sold was my rockola m1 carbine. Still kick myself every time I think about it


One of the few pieces of bad advice I got from my father, “Don’t mess with that worthless military surplus stuff, it will never be worth anything” he said.
That was the mid 70’s when I was begging for him to order rifles from the ads in Shotgun News, '03 Springfield’s were around $100, most everything else was cheaper than that. I did end up buying a Winchester P17, sits as it came home from the Great War.