Mistakes I made when the Surplus fever came about


Good find Brother!!! You have to show someone pictures when you get them.


Can’t wait to take some! From what I saw, they’re quite handsome rifles


Looking back. I really wish I would of at least tried to get a Mosin when I turned 18. Had wanted one since I was a kid. Now I’m on the hunt for the one I’ve always wanted. I may need to sell / trade some stuff for it.

I really want an original M1891 with a non-frosted barrel and as many matching #’s as possible. They are hard to find now. But during the surplus boom with these I bet these were not uncommon.


In hindsight:

-would have bought a pallet of Saiga-12’s from CDNN at $120 each.
-would have bought a pallet of Bren kits from IO for $139 each.
-would have bought ALL of the $69 Mausers J&T had.
-would have bought 30k of 7.62x25 at $0.05/round instead of just 15k
-would have thanked my dad more often for the HXP 303 he gave me


Basically this boils down to spending all the other wasted money on shotgun news ads :sunglasses:


I am going to a show Saturday to sell some safe queens to fund another thermal scope…cause superpowers.