Mistakes I made when the Surplus fever came about

Good find Brother!!! You have to show someone pictures when you get them.


Can’t wait to take some! From what I saw, they’re quite handsome rifles


Looking back. I really wish I would of at least tried to get a Mosin when I turned 18. Had wanted one since I was a kid. Now I’m on the hunt for the one I’ve always wanted. I may need to sell / trade some stuff for it.

I really want an original M1891 with a non-frosted barrel and as many matching #’s as possible. They are hard to find now. But during the surplus boom with these I bet these were not uncommon.


In hindsight:

-would have bought a pallet of Saiga-12’s from CDNN at $120 each.
-would have bought a pallet of Bren kits from IO for $139 each.
-would have bought ALL of the $69 Mausers J&T had.
-would have bought 30k of 7.62x25 at $0.05/round instead of just 15k
-would have thanked my dad more often for the HXP 303 he gave me


Basically this boils down to spending all the other wasted money on shotgun news ads :sunglasses:


I am going to a show Saturday to sell some safe queens to fund another thermal scope…cause superpowers.


My Pop [WWII Army Ranger] had a huge affection for Military weapons of his era.
He left each of us with one of most of US used weapons.
As the oldest he’d take me with him to the gun shows as a kid. The smell of oil takes me back every time.

Now if I could just win that BAR from Classic it would make his spirit glow.


You mean My BAR? You can come shoot it when I win it and we will make your dad’s spirit glow together. HOOAH Army.
The only regret I ever had was not buying my Mat 90 when they where 150… I had to buy it for 800 :frowning:


I remember back when - Pop and I were talking our hobby and I told him i saw AK’s for $300.
He said “Buy 3”

Wise man. My Hero.