Mixing Cerakote by weight


Everyone, I have been working on putting up my Cerakote mix calculator up on my site for a while now. So I figured I would drop the link in here to see what you all think before I really push it out. Maybe see if my directions make any sense?


Instead of redoing the bluing, what other options are there?


Thanks! Spent $30 on a module to do the calculators and then 10 hours programming them… I think I was a little burned out when I wrote the directions.


Is this something you came up with on your own? Mixing by weight?


While I haven’t used cerakote as much as dura coat
The few times I have used it we mixed using a graduated cylinder and the calculator and figured out the mixes it worked well
But I am by no means a expert


No. Mix by weight has been around in the automotive industry for a long time. Cerakote Tech Support understands mix by wight and will talk to you about it if you engage them.


We know it has been around, and that is how we mix. But we are factory trained by NICS and at the moment we are the only advanced certified and high temperature certified applicators in Montana.
The issue arrives when you use a different type of H Series because each color has a different density, thus requiring a different weight mix. We mix for the most part to .01 grams.


That’s why there is a chart with the weight of colors. Have you visited the page or are you just making assumptions?


I did check your chart… it just doesn’t match up with the weights of the colors from Cerakote so that’s why I was asking. Just asking, that’s it.


Funny. They came directly from Cerakote.


You know they have been updating quite a bit?


Actually I didn’t. I’ll have to reach out to them again an get a new list. Thanks for the heads up.