MK18 mod0 clone build


I was looking into getting the new DD MK18 and doing research and found out that what I really wanted was a MK18 mod0 instead. The mod0 has a pinned front sight block and delta ring. I seem to gravitate to those older features.
Bought a parts kit and a “stealth” lower.

I found info on the different parts and specifications they have and found the roll mark. So I set up my 1940 Gorton pantograph and got to work.
I had to quickly whip up a jig to hold the lower.
Once I got everything leveled out and true (this took an hour alone) it was time to start making chips!

Note the centrifugal force on my orange belt!!! This bit was spinning at 11,000 rpms with a single flute 40degree bit.
Hard work pays off! I think it looked good.
3 coats of aluminum black worked nicely.

And some aluma-Hyde for character.
Due to the shorter barrel you will want a .070 gas port in your barrel, and a 5 coil with rubber ring for your extractor, and at least a H/H2 buffer weight. This is need due to the faster cycling rate of the short barrel.
You can see here on the left the upgrade 5 coil extractor spring, and on the right the normal spring.
On the real MK18 mod0 they went from the 3 gas rings to a single thicker gas ring. I honestly have 4-5 sets of gas rings so I will just be leaving my bolt with the 3 ring set up.
For buis I went with my trusted MATECH 200-600 yard sight. For optic I went with the primary arms ACSS-cyclops. This is a 1x scope with illumination and range finder from 200-400 yards.
I also installed a sure fire light and tape switch.
All in all I had a lot of fun with this build and I hope that it inspires others to build their dream firearm.
Remember be safe and have fun!

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Gun lubricants and cold temperatures.

indeed, very well done!


Thank you! Tell him to build one!
And to build one for you too!


Thank you mosinvirus!


Very nice!


I’m just disgusted! :triumph:






with my builds :sob:


Thank you for the support Mister Torgue!


Make sure to show it off when he’s done with it!


@switchpod, fantastic job that weapon turned out killer!!!


Thank you Brother! The build was far cheaper that just buying a DD MK18.
Sometimes being on a tight budget pays off.
Thank you for your kind words and support!


That’s funny because your 1911 posts where the reason I wanted to start a 1911 build! Mosinvirus made it worse! now I have step by step videos!!!
It will be a long time if I ever get around to building one, and I’m sure it will be a rough build.


Rob Ski of AK operators union is having a giveaway for one of the primary arms ACSS -Cyclops scopes! The same one I used on this build!
Here is a link!

I hope one of you guys win it!!!

Value Optics

Anything yet???


Excellent build I’d like to see how they both turn out


That sucks!
I did 3 months of 6/15 and that was well… it sucked.

Tell him we all hope he gets some much needed R&R soon!


Well I’m glad it’s turned around for everyone! You know what they say make hay when the sun shines!


My boy has been with the iron workers about a year. He’s been doing 6 12’s at the cracker plant their building here for the natural gas industry. He’s actually able to save some cash now, too whooped to go spend any when he is off.


How’s the kids build going?