Mob mentality and conceal carry

Used to be you would feel comfortable with a revolver or a small 5 to7 shot 380, but with this mob stuff going on those won’t cut it anymore. when you have several assailants confronting you, which weapon do you choose to carry?

An AR15 is too big to conceal, even an AR pistol. so do you opt for the handgun that holds the most ammo? which one would that be? The kyle shootings proved a large capacity mag is needed to confront these mobs.

When your life is on the line when several thugs are trying to hurt or kill you, which one is the best? I just know it needs to be semi auto or even full and have a large capacity mag. but handguns only hold so much and hopefully you have time for mag changes.


Glock G-45 shoulder holster and two extra clips it comes with. Total a full capacity 51 rounds.

DSA/dnc IS the greatest enemy of the USA in the world…next to the scotus!!! And they will prove it in November!


Probably a Springfield XDM 3.8 Compact. It’s easily concealed with the 13-round flush mag and an extra 20-round extended mag fits and sticks out for easy grabbing from that little key pocket on the RHS of every pair of Levi’s. So that’s 34 rounds in an easy to carry package -not counting the BUG.

If I can’t manage to disperse and put some distance between myself and an angry mob of assailants with that I’m either doing something wrong or mortally wounded whereby it’s just my time to go anyway.

PS> I’ve been eyeing the new “Elite” model that was recently released.


Not all that many years ago I carried a 1911 or a 1911 variant. My large capacity but smallish 1911, a Kimber Ultra 10II (ten two) held more ammo and took it’s big brothers magazines. But then the threat changed with the muslims and their terrorism. So I changed at that time. It just so happens that with the latest threat of anarchists and domestic terrorism what worked back then also works now.

I was competing with a S&W M&P so I bought a M&P 9c. It was smaller than the small 1911s, and held a higher round count of 9mm goodness. I carry off body and between the mag’ in the grip and a spare mag I have something like 40 rounds. Until war is declared on the enemy it’ll just have to do. But I do have the option of bringing more mags along.

Once I can carry a slung weapon it will be something with at least a 30 round magazine. FWIW, when we leave the house for something other than errands I bring “another” weapon, cased of course, but with loaded mags and a can. But what I bring is short so that if I have to it can be used in the auto.

When we go for walks I take a KelTec cp33 with at least 20 rounds in the mag’. But that’s brought along for 4 legged vermin (mostly) and due to the ultra light weight. But I reserve the option of bringing along a more capable slung weapon, and I have.

Today if I was in the market for a small and highish capacity handgun I would seriously consider the Springfield Armory Hellcat. It’s as small as my SIG P938 but with a double stack mag’ so is somewhat thicker. I don’t know if there are larger mags available for a spare, but that would be high on my list of wants.


Held off a group with an empty bottle of night train once, told them the first fuck was getting it broke upside their head and everyone else was being gutted with it, they quickly found other interests


I agree. I carry a Sig P365 with a 12-round mag or a CZ P-01 with 14-round mag. I also carry a small revolver sometimes, but not very often.


This commie mob is probably more retarded, they beat down a guy with a sword a few months ago.


9mm ,.40 SW, .357 Sig or 10mm with hollow points seems like the answer , in my opinion.

I figure 10 round capacity minimum with multiple mags. Also practice reloads whether you have 10,15, or even 20 round mags , if your piece malfunctions under pressure then move and drop the fucking mag then reload. Or at least that’s what I was taught, havnt got in any gunfights yet to test that though.

You should have an AR or AK in your rig though so fight your way back to your rig and decide if you can move by vehicle or if you have to grab your go-bag and hoof it. AKor AR pistols or ARs broken down can fit in bags too. If there’s a chance for chaos to breakout make sure you can evade and or fight.


They definitely lack tactical abilities and common sense, that’s for sure. The guy that got his bicep blown off by Kyle Rittenhouse is a good example. The now one-armed bandit tried to chase down and engage a rifleman using a pistol in close proximity. Not smart. However, they both made a mistake by being there in the first place. Those children should have been at home sleeping in their beds.


It is a full size pistol, but an FN FiveseveN with 20+1 rounds would be my go-to in that situation. Extended mags can hold 30. 1 standard and 2 extended mags can hold 91 total rounds. I do not currently carry that since I live in a relatively calm rural area. I know it is bad rationale on my part, but it is what I currently do.


Also the Kenosha kid ,while justified in shooting those rioting idiots, appears to not have very good evasion skills. He got lucky more than anything. Ive been chased by scarier people than that and it inspired me to run faster with the mindset that im dead if I fall.


I think the size of the fight in those after you matters a lot, most in Kenosha ran like rabbits, the few who tried got f’ked up…you may at most only have to shoot one person, but don’t miss. I have been keeping a 7 shot 357 and my SBR with 6 mags in my truck, can’t carry at work, I usually carry a Taurus G3 9mm otherwise. I may add a semi pistol and mags to my truck bag closer to election just for peace of mind.


I agree. This will probably happen most of the time. Based on what I’ve seen in the news, angry mobs will run away like scared bunny rabbits when confronted with armed resistance (police, military, or other good guys). They will quickly realize that the tough guy movie fantasy doesn’t work in real life :arrow_heading_down:




Except that the mob is escalating towards shooting people just look at the incident in NM.


I like that choice.I don’t have one but that would definitely be a good one. Winter is coming and bigger guns can be concealed beneath coats. if i’m in the truck i can put anything in the seat next to me. this may be my carry when winter gets here.


I got it out and wore it out to lunch today. With Trump’s new SCOTUS nominee being announced, I decided to be a little more cautious.


Is this an update? How are things looking for Kyle?


Since all this HORSESHIT started, I began carrying a higher capacity full size on the hip or shoulder holster w/ 2 xtra 17 round mags (either BERETTA M9A3 or SW M&P 2.0). In addition, the truck started riding along with the AR9 & G45 with its half dozen 33 round mags & 5 -17 round mags. (All interchangeable)


All i have is a Tomcat .32,
Ruger LC9 w/ 1 xtra mag on the holster
and the Ruger p-90 .45 8+1 with 1 xtra mag and 1 extended (15?) that i’ve never used. I’ve been told not to trust non factory extended mags.
There’s a gun show coming 1st week in october.
Anything i should keep an eye out for?