Moderator position


With all the changes going on here I’ve been talking with @Robert. I’m stepping down as a moderator here. I plan to be putting my time and energy in to helping new channels get set up here, vetting them, helping to promote them, etc. I love the forum, and the people, and I’m not going anywhere.


Thank you Dan

We do plan to set off some promotions soon so watch for Dan to announce them once the roll-out is tuned

Nick is moving on to bigger things and I don’t think we’ll hear from him to often, it’s sometimes like the Wizard of Oz around here


Thank you.


Thank you for sticking with us. It’s a lot better to not have too much going on that you wear yourself down. :heart:


@Tactical_Reviews, I can imagine it was a lot of work, probably similar to being an administrator on a successful online forum. Back when I was one it took a ton of my free time. Sometimes you gotta step off the stage now and again.


@Tactical_Reviews we made it this far because you were willing to step forward.
@Mister_Torgue you and me both but that forum I was on went the FB direction because it was “free”, it is amazing when a hobby becomes a full time unpaid job.


Thanks Dan! behind-curtain


I still appreciate the fact that you sent me the invite here to Full30. I love the forum and the members here are awesome. Lots of great gun info!

Keep posting those awesome photos and videos, whatever you do! I consider you a friend and know I’m here if you ever need anything. Thanks for all the work you’ve done so far!

Much respect…