Modern cartridge with black powder


Let me preface this topic with the fact that I know nothing about black powder. So, time for two noob questions.

  1. I suppose no company fills a modern cartridge with black powder? So what are my options if I cannot load them myself?
  2. I want to have some fun shooting some black powder out of my Makarov (9x18) and 9x19 pistol caliber carbine. Question is, would black powder (either pistol or rifle powder) have enough power to run the action of the auto loaders at least reliably enough for plinking? Keeping in mind the Makarov has a bloody heavy ass recoil spring.

I’ve seen youboob videos on it but not enough out there to give me some answers.


There are some boutique loaders out there, check with your local sass(sigle action shooters society)known as cowboys
As for will it cycle? Have to just try! But you can fill and compress without danger.


That is a really interesting question. Unfortunately, i don’t have your answer. Black powder is more corrosive so much cleaning is needed. I think it should cycle an auto. It has a hell of a punch in my muzzleloader. Seems the real issue is how much volume and what grade…


Fill it leave space for wad,ff


Dont leave space between bullet and powder,its the only dangerous thing you can do!


Thanks guys.

Good idea red lemur about checking with the cowboy / action shooting guys. Just wish I knew some. I think it would be a blast (pun intended) to shoot some black powder in 9mm. :cowboy_hat_face:


If you find someone to load for you see if they can use black mz sub and it wont eat your guns!!


Is it possible to find non-corrosive stuff?


Fouling would be horrendous - your pistol may stop cycling fairly quickly. I think someone tried this, maybe it was Box O Truth? Can’t remember.


Alliant black mz noncorrosive ,and 10dollars a pound,a third the price!
Also advisable you use ballistol to keep wet and functioning!


I would not use real black in a modern gun,unless your cool with throwing it in a sink full of hot soapy water!?the whole gun.


Not to my knowledge due to 1 of the 3 ingredients being salt peter in black powder. It is a less than suitable option in a semi auto application in my opinion.

There are a few companies out there that still make black powder cartridges the names escape me at the moment, but a quick search on the internet and you can find them. Picture is of a 45-110. This is a black powder cartridge you can still buy. You most likely will not find one in 9x18, or 9x19.


Hmmmm ok. Would a .357/.38sp revolver be a better black powder fun toy than an auto loader then? Assuming I find someone who can load the cartridges with black powder?


Hickok45 already did this with a45 Glock…and it cycle the pistol…dirty but works…


Good question, but let’s pit this into a few different contexts
Would you run a diesel motor that runs 15w40 oil on 0w20 oil?
Would you run two stroke fuel in a 4 stroke Chevy, BMW, or Toyota motor?
Would you run a jet turbine motor on whiskey, or use jetA fuel?

Just because you can run things on alternative substances doesn’t mean you should. Now in the spirit of having Fun!, or science, or R&D sure have a blast! Just be safe, use gloves and safety glasses. Yes a revolver would be a better option in this case. You could also just buy a black power pistol for $200/ $300 with no FFL, and have it shipped to your house.


You have to get different powder measures for black powder some that will not cause static eccentricity.


Thanks all. I know I could get a made for black powder firearm, I was just mainly wanting to have some fun and skip the manual loading process as well as use an auto loader. And are you sure I can get these shipped black powder firearms to my house? I only ask because I’ve read conflicting information online about it.

I might just get a muzzle loading rifle for a couple hundred $$ to scratch my black powder itch then think about the revolver at a later time. I also still won’t give up wanting to see about finding someone who can load me some 9mm black powder cartridges. :slight_smile:


Black powder,and ass. Guns are not regulated,not by atf. State laws ?should not be problem no checks nuttin


I didn’t intend for you not to try it. Do it for fun sake! And yes you should have zero problem getting a black power rifle or pistol shipped to your home.

P.S. clean your firearm with water and re oil it if using black powder.


No worries. Just feeling my way around on this topic. :cowboy_hat_face:

That’s good news about the shipping. There’s a Traditions .50 cal muzzle loader for ~$227 that intrigues me.