Modern cartridge with black powder


No worries. Just feeling my way around on this topic. :cowboy_hat_face:

That’s good news about the shipping. There’s a Traditions .50 cal muzzle loader for ~$227 that intrigues me.


Hay James I found that info for you!


Thanks! I’ll take a peek.


Might take a look at some 1860cap and ball pistols and the conversion cylinder
Options are nice
And on the regulation thing even a felon can have one delivered ,legal? Yes
However messed up that is


Hodgdon 777 black powder substitute burns much cleaner than black powder.
Not much dirtier than smokeless.
But it is corrosive and the gun must be cleaned soon after use.
As for no hassle shipping of a BP gun to one’s home, it depends on state law.
Sellers of BP guns usually have the info of which states allow it.
If you decide to do your own BP reloading, it’s easy and straight forward, as long as you remember to fill the cases plumb full with no air space under the bullet.
That’s the real difference between reloading smokeless and BP ammo and makes it more difficult
to adjust loads.