Modern surveillance technology :spook:

The other day I was inside a 2016 Nissan after installing a transmission (we replace a lot of them). The display for the rear facing camera went to a split screen in while reverse, on the left it showed what was behind the vehicle as normal, but the right side it showed a view from directly above the vehicle. I could see the lift, me stick my foot out and swinging the door back and forth in amazement. The picture was real time, perfectly clear and in full color and this was inside a insulated metal roof building.

With all of the technology now days, “they” can watch everything you do. Tie in cel phone tracking with satellite imagery, facial recognition cameras everywhere modern flat screen TVs (with a microphone and the screen is also a camera) they can find anyone anytime. This is probably how they knew who were the ring leaders to arrest in Seattle when the LEOs went into CHAS to liberate CHAZ.


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WOW, that sounds out of body, you sure your still with us bro?

Please share more, what was shown, a 10’ area?

Seeing through a metal roof, that sounds crazy, cameras come pretty damn small these days, can you be sure this is not above your work area?

I’d get one of these quick like

you may find more

Thanks for sharing I hope you can expose more :+1:


Robert it showed the vehicle and about 4 ft around it. I was dumb founded and showed the boss and there are no cameras in the shop.


I can imagine, and the boss?

Can you be certain?

If these are online then whats available that’s not?



If the camera was on the ceiling it would have shown the cross bar on the top of the lift, if it was in the cross bar it would not have shown my foot because of the angle was too steep.

I knew years ago (in the early 80s) that they could detect a pack of cigarettes buried three feet deep and count the cigarettes in the pack


Plenty of time to enhance the capability’s for sure, perhaps a metal ceiling can be made
obsolete, IDK :man_shrugging:

Wonder who the owner of that car is and if they warrant special observation or we all get a ticket on this train

but… why put all the tech in a phone or car if its not needed?


I bought a Nissan Rouge about 6 months ago and that was one of the options . It uses a camera mounted in the top of the radio antenna to give you a 360degree view of the area around your car so you can see all the blind spots .


jtr, that’s what I was working on. Does the 360* look straight down on the vehicle? If it does that’s a satillite image.

Just a heads up start saving money for a replacement transmission now, they are a little pricey, between 3 and 4k. I have had to replace a several with less than 100k miles, they usually give up around 60 to 80k. CVTs in Subarus also have issues with the CVT transmission that require a valve body and possibly torque convertor to fix.


Had to kill a perfectly good conspiracy thread, I was just looking up the infowars 800 # too

That actually sounds like a good feature to use while driving through your favorite antifa crowd :shushing_face:


Not dead yet! An Antenna camera can not look straight down on the vehicle giving equal distances all the way around it.!


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I had a 2015 with 140000 plus miles on it and no problems at all . And the dealer ship I buy from offers a full lifetime powertrain warranty at no cost to me. We have used it on my wife’s 2008 jeep compass transmission and throttle body for a total of about $10000 in repairs and it only cost me a $100 deductible.


wish I had not of looked…


You weren’t peeking weren’t were you?


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Umm, well no. Not really. But just for the record…



That’s all based off on-board imaging on your vehicle (as mentioned above) and some computer imaging to make it appear as “God’'s Eye” view.

But I can tell you that even in our local moderately sized city of 45,000 that six years ago the patrol cars have four-direction cameras (and also intersection rigid mount cameras) that record faces and license plates and store the data. Later, say after a third suspicious fire, the “system” can review all the license plates observed nearby to see if one was present at multiple events. I know because I wrote the check for the system.

'Course, if you don’t break the law you have nothing to fear.


Spotted I’d say five of those up here in nowhere land, everyone seems oblivious


It gets far worse than that. Did you know that every device that receives any type of signal also transmits signals, and that demodulating those variations in that transmitted signal will decode ANY THING that causes a shift in the electromagnetic reference of that spurious transmission? Do you have a speaker hooked up to your TV, it is also a microphone. Do you have a radio or hi-fi it is also a radio transmitter. Oh BTW do you have electricity, well guess what! you have a constant 60hz carrier being transmitted from your house that can carry ALL KINDS of info to any with prying ears to hear.

DSA/dnc IS the greatest enemy of the USA in the world…next to the SCOTUS