Modern surveillance technology :spook:

Technically this is true, but the signal is so weak that it normally is only detectable at short ranges. For example, speakers can indeed be used as poor-quality microphones, but they are connected to low-impedance drivers that are designed to resist microphonics. Also, without superimposing the audio signal on a high frequency carrier wave, the length of wire needed to form an effective antenna is in the thousands of meters. In fact, audio circuits are designed with low-pass filters to remove high frequency signals, since these damage the drivers and reduce speaker output.

Also, the 60Hz oscillation in AC power is not used as a carrier. For IP over power lines, they superimpose a much higher frequency so that there is greater bandwidth. Otherwise, a 60Hz carrier would be capped at a ludicrous maximum Nyquist bandwidth of 30 Hz. That’s nowhere near enough for an audio signal, which for low-quality telephone requires 8,000 Hz to capture the frequencies used in intelligible speech.

Besides, a basic concept in carrier wave design is that the signal of interest should not overlap with the carrier at all, and in fact should be separated by a frequency gap so that the carrier can be filtered out easily during demodulation. 60Hz is solidly in the audible range, and causes harmful interference. It is not suitable as an audio carrier.


Rather look at analog electronics, it’s much more practical for the government to use software to eavesdrop. Most internet devices accept forced over-the-air system updates, which the government could use to enable or install snooping software. Even if one piece of spyware is detected and removed, software allows for fast modifications so that a new, undetectable version can be installed again.

So, look at your cell phones, laptops, tablets, smart speakers, anything connected to the internet.


Incorrect. In 1973 CIA was surveilling highly secret bases with what they called a black box. It picked up the spurios transmissions from within the site by demodulating the information from ANY e.m. wave that was being inadvertently radiated from within. They were able to accurately demodulate from that some pretty interesting stuff. I would imagine that they have come a LONG way since then. Also light can be used as a carrier and demodulated and that does not have to be close. Low level Maser and Laser observation is very much real and readily available. If we know about these things how many things do you think they have that we don’t know about. The curve is that the military has at least ten year jump on the civilian markets.
BTW I know first hand of the black box so don’t be too quick to discount it.
Also your car, your phone, your computer, and the list goes on. Do you have Sirus or Alexa? When are they listening, all the time how else could it know when you use your activation word. Any physical disturbance or change in air pressure will cause a disturbance in any ambient or device generated e.m.
field that is in the location of the physical disturbance or shift in air pressure.
So I agree with you on the tech stuff and I disagree with you on the spurious field stuff, because I saw them do this in the early seventies.

DSA/dnc IS the greatest enemy of the USA in the world…next to the SCOTUS!!!


I just noted in my Amazon account yesterday the option to delete voice commands,

I don’t talk to remotes or alexa’s etc, can barely leave a message on an answering machine, often don’t, so to see that as an option …

not exciting, I hit delete, it just said they’d be deleted in 24hrs, didn’t say if there were any recorded


Mix of yes and no. “ANY e.m.” is very broad, encompassing the huge radio wave spectrum, microwaves, IR, visible light, UV, X-ray and gamma ray. The closest thing I know of today, modern SDR radio, only covers centimeter to 100-meter bands. I don’t believe the black box could pick up “ANY” EM.

Audio snooping using visible light is an old and proven technology. It’s based on a high-frequency carrier, since visible light is 400-800THz. That’s very different from claiming 60Hz AC is a carrier.

Nowadays, there has been some open-source research in using WiFi as a carrier to detect people’s movements throughout a house. Again, though, this is based on high-frequency carriers in the GHz range, and this begins to cross over into the digital arena.


Silly rabbit, audio is for kids. Nobody listens to anything anymore. We don’t care what they have to say. I can see intent right there in their beady little retinas. :alien:


I think the whole lot of you are crazy tin foil hat types. I know for fact they don’t use any “technology.”
I know from a secret source I dreamt about that the Illuminati have some dirt on God. He’s been spilling the beans to them since February of 1955.