Modification, legal issues?



The whole debate about this topic is horse shit to me
If you own a weapon and modify it to suit you that’s your preference as a firearm owner
As long as your not modifying your firearm in a way to make it fa or dangerous they should kick rocks
That being said there’s a simple fix
If you carry everyday use a unmodified gun plain and simple


This is a really interesting topic. I was just debating this the other day for my own carry gun. I LOVE a good trigger and wanted to add the Lobos trigger to my VP9SK but typically I don’t modify my carry guns. But I feel like a good trigger improves accuracy. Maybe not in every self defense situation, but that could be argued both ways.


rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6…


Could be just another way for the courts to f#ck you. Al Capone did some nasty things. They were able to get him on what, tax evasion? Not the booze, gambling, race tracks, murder, but taxes!


A good DA is going to pull every trick out of the bag to nail you to the wall. My EDC gun is unmodified other than new sights.


I agree. Than would also include hand-loaded ammo, or any other ammo with a scary name like Zombie Max, Saber Black Belt, etc.


Depends on the modification. I’d be hesitant to disable a safety.

Though I did disable the magazine removed disconnect on a Browning Hi-Power.

And a clever saying like “Smile and wait for the flash” on the barrel bushing probably is a bad idea.

I do have MagGuts followers and springs to get me to the State established legal max on my EDC. But no further.


I get this a lot… you can justify quite a few modifications to a firearm you use for every day carry… but there are limits. Even in color…
You HAVE to be smart. Do not have a dust cover that says KILL THEM ALL… or a Punisher pistol… you will be punished. Right or wrong, unless you have a LIT of money to defend yourself, do not be a “gun fighter” looking for trouble.