Modified M4 Rifles That Fit Under Ejection Seats



How much taxpayer money is lost if one of those babies is ditched?
Can’t even imagine.
Wouldn’t the pilots especially be better served with more effort to ensure they stay up in the air?
Just a thought.


as compared to “what” the seat was attached to before the aircrew were forced to depart their ride?
Helicopter crews had the benifit of stowing rifles and smgs in their airframes so they didn’t have to rely on their issued sidearm.
A ditched aircrew while attempting to Evade capture would be hunted by the opposing force armed with rifles - so the ability to equal the playing field is a good thing.


Staying ahead of gravity can be pretty tough. If pilot’s have to bail, I’d rather they be better equipped for SERE. The rifle may be expensive, but training new pilots is even more expensive.


Okay, I’m just going to ask…why?

They put all this time and money into doing something you can already do by simply pulling two pins and separating the upper from the lower.
Uncle Sugar having fun with taxpayer dollars again…smh :man_facepalming:t2:


Ah SERE training. So much fun.


Once I finish my current assignment, I’m going to try and get slotted for SERE. If they throw it in as a reenlistment bonus, I’d probably take it.