Monday Morning - AKA groundhog day


Didn’t we just do this?

Fhew, a weekend of drinking and gun building is quickly ruined by monday morning.

Now I have to interact face to face with society, argh, then I read how CA plans to light up the world,

by mandating solar power

The ruling applies to most single-family homes as well as multifamily buildings up to three stories. Options to meet the mandate will include installing solar panels on individual homes or joining a community solar system.

Its catching on here also, an entire community run from it, somehow I doubt they save any money

Wonder if this actually helps…


I’m all for alternative energy but some times it can just get ridiculous like that. That one picture looks like it is one of those farms that all those liberals hate because of all the trees that have to be cut down for it.

Why don’t we have these things floating in space then if they’re so great?

California is a joke! You’re welcome to become a Hoosier when ever you’d like. This year we didn’t even have spring over here. Lol We jumped right to summer. No need for ground hogs this year:)


Nice! I love empty ranges.

I can’t tell you if your cars and boats are taxed weather they’re being used or not. I will ask some of my coworkers.

Other than that I do know Indiana is 3rd freest state in the country.


I moved here from Michigan about three years ago. So far it’s the best decision I’ve ever made for my family.