Monopod, worth the$$?


I would appreciate your help deciding if a monopod for the rear of my RUGER Precision Rikle would be useful, hindering, or just a waste of money. I’m not very familiar with one, I normally use a sock filled with small beads/airsoft bb’s. Anyone familiar or have any experience with one? What do you think?


I considered getting one for my long range guns, but some long range shooters I talked to said just use sand bags.


$100! The grass is three times that tall where there is clear ground hereabouts.

At the range you can use anything for a rest. You need something for outdoors when you have to shoot over rough terrain. :wink:


From the bench, I do use sand bags, it’s probably the steadiest option in my opinion. I was thinking this might be a good Solution on foot in the field. But believe it or not, LONEWOLF has been wrong once or twice before , okay maybe a million times but whatever! Don’t judge me! LOL when I’m shooting very far for instance, for groundhogs, etc, I shoot prone. walking from field to field ,Hilltop to Hilltop, I usually carry the sock full of airsoft BB’s to set under the rear of the rifle. It is very effective, a slight squeeze of the hand can raise or lower the gun with ease. I’m just curious if the monopod would be a more sturdy platform for this purpose.


I do use a Caldwell Deadshot tripod at times. I also have multiple length bipods I use on the front. A lot of my shots in the field do not have too high of ground cover to be an issue where this would be used


Lone wolf would something like this work for your application.


That’s pretty neat! Fits in the handle.


I love my UPS driver♡, he brings me nice things… 2 cases(400rounds) PPU 308 168GR HP BT match AMMO!