Montana has a Turncoat Governor

Just watched Bullock on Foxnews Sunday championing Universal Background Checks and banning Semi Auto firearms.
Those of you in Montana have some bitching to do.
Let this A-Hole know his days are numbered!!!
Also let your State Legislators know this type crap WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!
How a Democrap got elected in Montana is just unfathomable to begin with.
Fix It.


City’s and the California dick heads that moved there. That’s how .


^ This AND the college towns like Missoula are ruining it. Montana was stricken from our relocation list early mostly because it is turning in to Colorado/Oregon and I believe it’ll go blue very quickly. It won’t 2A friendly soon. It is unfortunate because there is one specific property I really loved and wanted to buy badly because it is the dream.


I can see wanting that :deer:


I shot with Steve Bullock and his kids, sporting clays. He’s a very nice man and his kids were very good kids, respectful and well behaved. But he is a Democrat, so what should we expect? Montana’s a purple state, but I’m sure that if he pisses us off we’ll vote him out.

The Butte/Silverbow area votes Democrat at about 60% over Republican, but not because they’re all libtarded, more so because there are a lot of miner’s descendants there and they’ve stayed Democrat because of their old labor union mentalities. Also a lot of Catholics there, who seem to tend leftward. Anyhow there are a lot of factors in Montana’s politics, but guns are well built into the culture. For example I’m in Kalispell at the moment, and the owner of this house I’m staying in told me that this neighborhood is “militia”. He has a little shooting lane in the backyard.