More nonsense from New Yorkers

Define irony. Bloomberg could never pass a mental health evaluation himself. :rofl:


Who gets to decide what is mentally ill and what is normal? Because I want to carry does that mean I’m sick?

Geez, it’s not too difficult to figure out why that want that bill.

There are good folks in NY… once one gets out into the real state and away from the city they start to become normal.


The same people that want to strip you of your right to keep and bear arms, that tell you, you need to wait for the police to come to your rescue when they are not constitutionally required to save anybody. Yet these same sociocommunists walk around with a plethora of armed guards. That’s who decides. Doesn’t that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy! :rage:

DSA/dnc IS the enemy. Want proof, just look at California and Virginia.


My wife and I were just talking about this and that’s what she said.


Thank you. Sadly 90% of the people of NY are grouped in five major cities - and NY City is a different country . . . or planet. Well, maybe that’s a good thing actually. The rest of us just are mostly thankful they are interred that way and wish just to get on with life. It’s a beautiful state for the most part.

I say it should be harder to have a child than a firearm. Lets apply the test fairly and equally for drivers, voters, parents and firearms. If you are dangerously unstable none of those options should be available to you.


Yup, NYers have the same problem lots of states do. CA is “governed” by the people who live within 50 miles of the coast. They’re in the assylum and the rest of the state is composed of normal folks. We have the same problem in Maine where the small area near Portland has most of the population and a large % of the left lives there (I claim all south of Augusta). They tell the rest of the state how to live even though they are mentally ill. In Maine it’s mostly folks coming in from away. If we had a moratorium on allowing them to vote, say 40 years, to allow them to get their heads on straight. Then they can vote. Otherwise they bring their effed up ideas that screwed up the hellhole they moved from and vote it in here. They can’t run away from themselves.


Well said


Or even jobs…

the owning property rule really made the most sense, then you have a slice of the pie to defend