More Self-Defense Gun Stories..Episode 139

Rob- First story- Are you armed at work?

It is dark and cold outside. You own and run a neighborhood liquor store set among brownstone apartments. You hear the front door ring and see two men come inside. These customers don’t shake off their jackets and gloves as they enter the warmth of your store. Instead they draw guns and shout at you to hand over the money in the cash register. You are one of the few people in Baltimore who has their Wear and Carry permit. You’re gun is on your hip. You step to the side and present your firearm. You immediately shoot your nearest attacker and then shoot the second one. They shoot back and you move again. Your attackers run from the store. You lock the front door and call police.

You were robbed a few months ago. You show the surveillance video to the police, but you won’t talk to the local newspaper, the Baltimore Sun. Police find one of your attackers bleeding in the snow a block away.

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