More Self Defense Gun Stories from Last Week

Responsible gun owners defended themselves, but you didn’t hear it in the news. Can you stop mass murder or save your children? Can you save your dad without firing a shot? Let’s see what we can learn.

Text and podcast available at the link. (24 minutes)


First story: So shooting someone only gets you ‘Aggrivated Assault’? Wow! First, I would have had my firearm ON me and not in the store. Obviously it’s not safe to deliver flowers.
Second story: I think I would have drawn my weapon first before saying “whose there?”
Third story: yep, call police to go check it out
Fourth story: Get a dog. If not wearing it, don’t have your gun so far from you that you can’t access it immediately. I’m confused about this woman’s advice to teach kids to run away when they see a firearm in the house. Are you teaching them to fear it? My grandfather had firearms all over his house and we were never told to run away. He took us to the mountains to teach us to shoot it. In the home, well behaved and disciplined kids should know what not to touch or how to handle it. As young kids we had chores to do. When we made the beds, the large revolver was under the pillow. I moved it to change the sheets and make the bed, then put it back after the bed was made. If a child knows how to handle it safely, seems a lot safer than a child who was only taught to run away. Maybe I’m just old school.



Some states, like Florida for example, have laws that don’t allow leaving firearms, loaded or not, within the easy access of minors.

Always have to keep that in mind when determining where you can safely leave your firearms.

Note, however, some other states only restrict the storage of loaded firearms (in relation to minors present). Still, always good to be aware of your state’s laws in regards to where, and in what condition, you leave firearms - especially with the intent of them being accessible for home defense.

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