Morning all


Just finished watching a Film Noir movie and now I’m ready to talk firearms. I’m excited to be here and converse with like minded gun folks. I hope everyone is having a good day. Enjoy!


Welcome and good morning.


Good afternoon!


Good morning here in Colorado. Never any humidity, plenty of sunshine. Lots of firearm owners and gun shops. Life is good.


Good morning!

Had me until the last bit. Unfortunately CO as awesome as it is (and it is we love it there) you’re controlled by the liberal I25 corridor between Pueblo and Fort Collins. You all also have 15rd mag limits. It isn’t as 2A friendly as it should be. And it absolutely should be as the rest of the state is red… We may have ended up there if it wasn’t for the liberals ruing the state by controlling the heavily populated cities (like they do everywhere).


Welcome Augustus!