Mosin Virus shaved last on 10/13/18...


Because for the first time ever, not including that goatee business for a month 20 years ago, he had decided to see what he looks like with a beard.

Now I am toying with the idea to not show any pictures of myself until I make a video when I can. Would be interesting to see if the subscribers notice.

Just sharing.


I want a beard.


I’ve never tried growing a beard :crazy_face:


You’ll learn to love it at first but if you don’t trim around the mouth you’ll get food in it and that SUCKS.

True story I’ve been shaving since I was 10. My 7th grade school photo has me with a beard. Haha. Now as an adult it grows so fast I can almost turn in to Grizzly Adams in two months. So having said that I go through 4x 3mo phases every year. I let it grow until I cannot stand it anymore then cut and trim it in to a goatee because the wife likes it. Then a week or so later I go baby face and start the process again and that takes about a quarter every year. Right now I’m working on a beard from late October. I’ll cut it all off on New Year’s Day.

If yours @Mosinvirus fills in nicely trim it up and keep it clean and you may like it. :cowboy_hat_face: Your subs might like it. LOL


You guys are all making me jealous :cry:


On week 2-3 I was very close to scratching my face off. Then, when I got some length it didnt bother me anymore.

I already trimmed the stash twice just to keep it out of my mouth.

Mine is curly.


Hey now, your goatee looks very nice.


I have no idea what makes a beard nice and if mine would be considered that, but I am going for it.


Do it the beard is awesome I recently just shaved mine because the woman said I was looking like a hillbilly


One day I’ll let mine grow out


I guess I can call mine kind of a beard now (2 month old)… pic taken on 12/17/18.


Too bad I’m a private person and don’t post self pictures because I had a hell of a beard that I shaved off Saturday night. Maybe I’ll cut myself out of the picture and just have the beard! :sunglasses: <-- need beard emote, maybe like Grizzly Adams or something.


I can only imagine. I dont have any reason to not post my face because I show it in a bunch of my videos. :wink:




Perhaps when we move to Idaho and the Mrs. and I can get our 2A channel up and running (assuming firearms haven’t been banned yet) you’ll see my ugly mug and her pretty face in all their glory! :cowboy_hat_face:


Can’t wait. And I hope you do start a channel. We always need more good people sharing firearm content.


As long as we still have the 2A in at least the current state you better believe we are going to do a channel. Both of us will alternate hosting / camera work and also do joint shows. Already have some basic storyboarding and planning done. One I don’t want to spoil, lets just say it is a video series where the Mrs. and I compete plinking using our Mosins. She’s a pretty damn good shot so it’ll be fun and competitive (*she’s very competitive).


Loving it.

Also on the subject of emotes.

Here are ones we use on


Offtopic, but someone with photoshop skills make an emote out of just his face.

Also, side note, I’m sad that I just found out he died a couple years ago.


You want it in color or black and white?