Mossberg 590 Shockwave


The Mossberg Shockwave is a small package with a lot of punch. Have you ever shot one and what are your thoughts? I’ve recently seen some of them with braces added which makes them much more useful in my opinion.


I found it kind of weird, tbh. I dont like pistol grips or hip firing though…hell I dont even care for shotguns.


I haven’t had the chance to shoot the shockwave yet. Looks to be a nice compact package.! My Mossberg has the ATI collapsible stock, but not quite that short. Might have to go “browse” the Gun store. ( which translates to, buy one if they got 1)


I will try out the Remington Tac14 and let you know how it shoots. (FYI - the Remington Tac14 is Remington’s version of the Shockwave).

Note: that is, the 20 gauge version.


I like them, especially when they throw a fireball from the barrel


I picked up an old Remington 870 and made my own

I found it amazing in use




I had to order mine.


I have a Shockwave with SB arm brace…possibly my new favorite Firearm…shoots very good patterns out to 25 yards with Herter’s 2 1/4 inch Buckshot…want to get the barrel threaded for choke tubes at some point…


It’s a fun middle finger to the NFA.

But it’s not a very practical shotgun.


If you put a brace on it you open up a whole lot more flexibility.




I’d still prefer to use my handgun or rifle than a shotgun for home defense in general. I can have a more and and yet still greater volume of fire through those tools.

That is in large part because that’s more of what I train with. Though, I still have plenty of time behind a shotgun thanks to my 3 gun ventures. But even if you train with a shotgun, I still believe a handgun or rifle is a better choice for home defense.

Eventually I plan on creating a series of home defense scenarios and running through them with a rifle, shotgun, and handgun. Getting some quantifiable data as to what performs better, or at least, as quantifiable as possible.


Can we legally do this? I love how it looks with the wood furniture.


My 2 cents:
Good review and sensible conclusions.
However, the double coach gun with ejectors would fare much better than the cowboy version.
But like they said, practice makes a lot of difference with whatever shotgun is chosen.
In terms of surviving a home invasion, the choice of gun is the least of it.
It’s more about survival tactical skill than shooting skill.
And that is literally a whole 'nuther ball game.


when 6 rounds of buckshot in a 32 inch long firearm becomes impractical for home defense…no need to worry about home defense…


I let it made from an autorized gunsmith here in Italy, he thought to all the papers needed