Mossberg Shockwave


ATF determined that the Mossberg Shockwave is a ( Firearm ) not a shotgun, Pistol, AOW or a NFA item…Can you Open Carry a ( Firearm ) ? For the States that allow Open Carry, would you be subject to arrest by open carrying a Shockwave ? I cannot find any Law that specifies the difference as far a open carry…what I found is most Laws say Handgun and for states that allow open carry of rifles, long gun or rifle is allowed, Where does the Shockwave fall ?


Great questions, rjburk.

I have been thinking about getting the Remington Tac 14 (their version of Mossberg’s Shockwave). So, you have the Shockwave? You like it? Can you hit what you are aiming at with it? To what distance?



I love that movie…


I have a Shockwave with the SB Tactical arm brace…it shoots good out to 25 yards with 00…a guy on YT has a video taking 3 Mule Deer with his…Brobee223, he has a lot of very good shotgun content…